Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Not yet New Year so an update....

Hello wonderful happy friends..

Firstly Thank You very much for all your smiley comments about my 2014 Round up.. I still cannot believe how much stitching I actually did!  If you missed it, the link is HERE :)

I wanted to show you all my wonderful Stitchers Verse I am currently stitching.. although I have been referring to it as a sampler!

For those who missed where its from.. its from Cross Stitch Collection magazine Oct/Nov 1999 issue.  Its designed by Charland Garvin and hmm ok in the magazine it does say its part of the sampler collection!  So its fine for me to call it a sampler!  I decided to stitch it on 28 count linen in a mulberry colour using all the DMC and specialty threads the design calls for (gifted to me by a lovely stitching friend).

Here is my journey so far... lol not a lot left to do!

I literally only have the border to do!  I wanted to show you the photo in the magazine next to my stitching.. I am blown away at the difference..

See what I mean...

The magazine really does not show the colours off at all... and here is a clearer look at the border I have to stitch..

I am REALLY enjoying this project and so pleased I had  the opportunity to stitch it.

Jon, my amazing husband is searching for some charms to add to my project once complete.... the design calls for a stitching hoop, a needle, a thimble and some scissors.  Not really an area we have looked at before... so if your a charmer.. hee hee I mean if you use charms and know where I may get these from, preferable one place as its easier (for me!) I would love you to leave a comment :)

I have been thinking about 2015 and what I want to achieve.... hmm maybe not the right word.  What I would like to stitch and yes complete!  Next year Han will be 20... OH MY!! Where do the years go?  So I would dearly love to stitch her something to cherish and keep.. something that will 'follow' her everywhere and when she looks at it, she will always smile knowing I made it for her.  If you have any ideas on this.... yes you guessed it... leave a comment!

Also thinking about New Year... as hmmm  at the moment there seems to be many things swimming around my head!  Well we are bloggers from all over the world... here right now its Tuesday 30 th December 8.30pm... yes I am in England.  But this got me thinking.. there are many of you out there that are in different time zones.. Oh I am sorry if you have already thought of this.. but I am rather odd and well its on my mind!  So anyway... all in different time zones.... that means some of you will celebrate New Year well before I do.. I think?  So as I dont want to leave any one out...

Tomorrow here it is New Years eve,... is that actually a day? I know we get Christmas eve.. have I just made that up?  Oh what on earth am I like?  Its the thought of another year gone I guess?!

What ever your doing, where ever your going, who ever your with...

Happy New Year!  I hope 2015 brings happiness and many many smiles :)

If this is too early.. oppps!  And well I guess on my next post will be about something else! hee hee



  1. Jacquie - lovely post. I have some scissor charms I can send you - just over an inch high and in bronze. You are welcome to them. Michelle x

  2. Oh wow...... It's so nearly complete and it looks fantastic. Prefer yours to the magazine one!

  3. What a beautifully stitched sampler. Happy New Year.

  4. seee told ya you would almost get it done before the year was out ..lol better save the last stitches for New Years Day ... and yes it is new years eve .... hmmmm charms have you looked on Sew n sew ?? or a crafting site ?? re something for Han ... how about a stitched memory book ??
    love mouse xxxxx

  5. Love your stitchery. Happy new year. I will greet it before you:-) I like Mouse's idea of a stitched memory book . Hugs and smiles Shirley N.Z.

  6. WOW! I believe you must have a turbo needle--speedy and lovely stitching!! I do think you are right--the floss colors just pop on the fabric you chose.

  7. Your stitching is beautiful and so fast!!!! Happy New Year to you and your family Jacqui...will celebrate tonight, 2 hours behind Shirley (above). I like the idea of a memory book too or maybe a journal?

  8. Great Post, Happy New Year to all.

  9. Wow you are fast! I wonder if you will finish this year or next?!?

  10. Wonderful design! I wish I found it, it is very original! Happy new year!!

  11. If I remember right you said Han likes video games. I would stitch something about her favorite game. As a gamer I can say she won't grow out of it and if you pick something from a series she lIkes, it will stay alive every time a new game comes out. Feel free to email me if you need help deciding.

  12. Talk about progress! It looks amazing. I much prefer your stitching to the photo in the magazine. The fabric really makes the design more ... I'm not sure what the right word is ... fun maybe?

  13. You sure are a quick stitcher. It looks great.

  14. Your sampler looks great, I love the fabric colour. (I said that last time too!)
    It is definitely called New Year's Eve but the pub where I used to work always called it Old Year's Night just to be different LOL
    I think a memory book for Han is a lovely idea, or a photo album cover? Or a stitched record of her life with a page for her birth, her baby achievements, starting school etc. Mini samplers for each landmark with plenty of space for future events. You could even include some funny ones like First Piercing or Tattoo!


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