Monday, 29 December 2014

Me naughty?... maybe! ha h a

Hello friends...

Firstly a big Thank You to all those who sent me Christmas cards, it was ever so nice of you to do so :)  I did post a few out and I dont actually think they have arrived yet... hope they turn up soon?  

And oooh yes I got a gift!!  (top of page) I saved it until Christmas day, honest I did!  Jon hid it away!!

It arrived like this in a cute box.. from dear Mouse :)

Oooh look at the wonderful goodies inside....

Really lovely things and oooh a box.. I will have fun doing something with this!!! How exciting.  As some, ok a lot of you know, I love sheep!  Not really sure why, I just think they are so cute... Mouse very kindly included the most adorable sheep ribbon and fabric... and a oooh chart of coffee, which I love!!  Thank You again you are ever so kind to me :)

Whilst I am on the gift things thought I would share with you all a cute chart Jon bought for me...

And ooh look!! It has a sheep in it!! lol  Its adorable and I will no doubt get lots of pleasure from this.  Thank You honey :)x

Dear June sent me a wonderful package too.. and inside was this darling!  

I could not wait to make him.. my version is slightly different, but just as cute I think!

He now hangs on my cut threads jar, I think its call an ort jar?  So maybe this adorable sheep is the ort guardian? :)

Thank You June for the adorable sheep :)

Oooh must tell you all where Han and I have been today.. to the cinema!  Oh my!! I have not been in such a long time.

Both Han and I struggled to get comfortable in the seating, but did stay and watch the movie!!

This is what we watched.. its not long been out and as we love a good epic film we just had to go watch it.

OMG!! It was GREAT!!

It had elements of all the wonderful films I enjoy most... Egyptian films, biblical films like Moses and The Ten Commandments... all mixed together... its was AWESOME.

Oh and we had to take a photo, whilst out!...

Not sure you can see, but the scarf I have on was my Christmas present from Jon... I love Radley and its a Radley scarf!  I adore it :)

Now onto some stitching...

As I explained in my last erm... useless update! Oh my using my iPad was not a good idea!  

So yes, remember this wonderful sampler in one of my really old magazines? (Cross Stitch Collection Oct/Nov 1999) Its called the Stitchers Sampler designed by Charland Garvin.

And the threads... OH My!! Yes they were very kindly gifted to me by a lovely stitching friend Mary Ann... Thank You again :)

I have found the thread colours to be oh so more vibrant than the picture in the magazine.. its really lovely.

And well me being me... I could not actually wait until 2015  to start this!! Oh I am sorry!!

So yes!! I started it!! Oh but look at it this way.. it will be my first 2015 finish!!

I first had to choose the fabric...

I thought maybe these...

The one on the left is actually cream aida and the one on the right is mulberry linen. After thinking on this for ages, I am not kidding.. at least 2 days!!

I decided on this.. I simply love the colour.  Its Linen, 28 count and the colour is Mulberry.

Then I got started and erm... got carried away!

I will say that this design is I think the most challenging design I have stitched to date.  The instructions in the magazine baffled me for a good hour!  Then Oh my!! All the different types of threads and what to do and not to do  with them!  

I have made a good start...

This part of the design lettering is stitched over 1... really tricky.

It grew quickly!...

Yes I had to use my magnifier...

I put 2015 as I know it will be my first finish of the year!

This is how it looks so far...

Those little flowers took me forever to stitch... they alternate with design too.. an algerian eye and smyrna stitch!

Close up..

I am 100% really really enjoying this project.  It is I think taking me longer to stitch, as I need to really concentrate on this.. but oh boy do I love the fact that I can stitch this!!  So yes I am already really proud of myself for doing this one.

I must Thank You all for popping in on me over Christmas, I have been in and out.. 

My very best wishes to all of you.. 

After popping in on Justine recently and seeing her latest update about her stitching year... I was thinking on doing this for my next post too.  What do you think?  And Justine, I hope you dont mind if I do?

I think its a great way to round off the year.. and I bet I do a few WOW's remembering what I have got up to all year! hee hee

Smiles to you all..



  1. Oh my! You did go right to town on your sampler!! I can't say as I blame you! I love the fabric you chose, it's a lovely hue and the floss...shall we say delish. I look forward to having a view of your stitched eye candy from this past year ")

  2. Your sampler is off to a great start. Good fabric choice. Such lovely gifts you received.

  3. Your sampler looks amazing and it has grown so quickly!! You will be done before 2015!!!! You have received lovely gifts....sewing people are lovely aren't they?? Good to hear you and Han enjoyed the movie and were able to see it all. Lovely photo of the pair of you! Your little felt sheep is so cute!!

  4. I think you had better unpick that 5 on the end of 2015 as you'll finish in 2014 at this rate! Your sampler looks beautiful. Such unusual fabric you've chosen and it's perfect. Well done in mastering all those speciality stitches and over one!
    I've seen round - ups of the year on lots of blogs so it definitely wasn't my idea! I love reading those kinds of posts and I know you've had an amazing stitchy year so I look forward to reading yours.

  5. Lovely post. Mouse sent a great gift, I love those coffee charts, I am definitely and addict, I get a headache if I don't have my morning coffee!
    The sampler is gorgeous, the quote is quite perfect for you too! I love the mulberry fabric.

  6. That mulberry fabric is truly gorgeous. You are really flying on this sampler!

  7. Love that mulberry fabric and you are working it up very fast! Looking forward to seeing your round up post. They are always fun to read (and look at).

  8. Such lovely gifts that you received! And, look--you started the sampler--YAY!! Wow--lots of lovely progress on it, already, and the mulberry fabric is a perfect choice!

  9. Wow, those were some lovely presents you received! I don't blame you one bit for wanting to start the sampler - it's gorgeous!

  10. Perfect choice of fabric for the sampler, you've stitched loads, it looks stunning.
    Lovely gift from mouse

  11. You have received some lovely gifts Jacquie. I love your new start and you have gotten so much done already. You could almost finish it this year.


  12. This is actually a wonderful gift! I'm new sampler and great progress! Choice of fabric is great, good shade.
    I not have been years in the cinema:-))

  13. What lovely, fun gifts~ :D Your new start is just blazing along on absolutely gorgeous fabric so I hope you don't mind if I just borrow just a teensy bit of your mojo for the new year?! I'm gonna be doing a recap post as well even though 2014 was not exactly a spectacular year for me. It's still fun to look back and see all the stuff you made!

  14. so pleased you love your wee giftie and love love love your new start ... the fabric is gorgeous and well done you on the over one and the flowers and had to giggle at Justine the rate you are going it will be finished this year and I adore your wee ort guardian :) wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxxx


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