Friday, 19 December 2014

What have I been up to.... LOTS!!!

Hello wonderful friends...

I have so much to show you all... I will apologize now for doing such a long post! ha ha a I hope you like today...

I will start with what I have been up to..

I started a new stitching project, on some wonderful blue aida that was very kindly sent to me from Kim a little while ago :)

I am keeping the design secret for now.. all will become clear on my next up date!

That was the start... well ok the fabric and threads! hee hee

Ha ha thinking of giggling I chuckled for a while when I got a Christmas card through the post the other day!  Ha ha even now when I look at it I giggle!

A little while ago I was telling you all about our Christmas and how we as a family do it differently, and the only Christmas dinner we have not done it a BBQ as its just not warm enough!  

Well look!!!

This Christmas card was sent to me by Sue from Kiwikids blog. Thank You ever so much... I found this and think its so funny.

Oooh yes!! I am over the moon to of received my Round Robin stitch from Heather :)

Look at this AMAZING sheep... and the glorious fabric too...

Its adorable...

And WOW!! Thank You Heather for sending some happy goodies too :)  I feel so spoilt :)

Roll on Easter!! lol

OK.. so tell you all about my little day trip to Bruge...

I had a wonderful time, a long day .. and boy was I exhausted!  Han took a lot of photo's and I would like to share some with you all now...

As you all know it was a coach trip so here is my journey...

Han and I went for a walk on the shuttle and found an empty carriage... so what do we do?... 

Act normal.... lol


In Bruges....

Windswept and cold.... 

I did buy a little booklet from this glorious stitching shop I found...

The big wheel in the back ground..

That was a whirl wind tour of my day trip to Bruges... Han and I really had a lot of fun and were really tired when we got back.

I did not really eat much and I actually refrained from the Gluhwein too!  I know crazy right?!  I just thought that 'that' was a German thing and well I was in Bruges.. not quite the same!  I know I am strange! lol

I took a light weight wheelchair with us to aid Han when she got tired.. and just as well I did as 3 times she used it!  On our return we slept a fair few hours to catch up on having no sleep for 2 days! haha haa

I hope you enjoyed the photo's and what we got up to!?

Tomorrow I will show you the stitching I have done..

Smiles and happiness to you all :)



  1. ohhh looks like you had a fab time ... and nice stitching shop :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Spectacular photos of your day out, what a wonderful Christmas treat.

  3. What a wonderful trip, beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh those shops are so inviting, love all the skeins of floss on the wall ")
    Your smiles say it all!

  5. What a wonderful day. Love the pictures - so glad you and Han had a good time.

  6. thank you so much for sharing...everything looked wonderful

  7. So much fun! I love shopping anywhere in Europe LOL. Glad you had a good day together making such wonderful memories.

  8. Thank you for sharing...looks like you both had a wonderful day....your booklet looks lovely!!

  9. Oh how fantastic! I am so glad Hannah took plenty of pictures. :)

  10. I loved going on your trip with you and the old men ornaments on that tree where so sweet, I would have bought one, did you buy anything? Love your photo's, hope Han get rest and you too. Can't wait to see your stitching tomorrow. hugs Lynda Ruth

  11. Wow, Jacquie, it was a wonderful trip!
    Thank you for sharing, my eyes were pleased Bruges are wonderful!
    I'm curious about new embroidery:-))

  12. Lovely photos of your trip. So much stitching inspiration there! Glad you had a good time.

  13. Wow it all looks amazing. I wish I could have come!


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