Wednesday, 17 December 2014

I have been stitching...... oooh and lots more to tell you...

Hello all my wonderful happy stitching/crafting/sewing and blogging friends... oh and hello to the ones that just drop in too :)

I am feeling all fuzzy warm inside as oooh its not long till Christmas!! eeeekkk!!

But oh I am going on a special day out.. this Thursday.. more on that tomorrow! Exciting!!!

Ok... so I know erm... some may have just seen this what I have been stitching as I have just shared it on Facebook!  I love to stitch as you all know.. 

Yesterday I felt quite inspired to stitch a design just from a piece of ribbon I found in my home!  See I am easily side tracked!

Here is the journey I took.. 
Yes start to finish as I have completed it too!

The ribbon and colours...

I stitched it on 14 count Aida grey/blue colour with DMC threads.  The design is from my digital copy of 2013 Christmas Special issue of Just Cross Stitch.  The design is a Country Cottage Needleworks Design called "Snow Birds".

I love it!!! And really loved stitching it too :)  Ooooh yes I believe I did see it on Justines Blog whilst hopping about on the Advent blog hop.. Oh yes go see Justines one, its rather special with feathers :)

Oooh GOSH!! I have something TOTALLY amazing to share with you all...

I am once again speechless, ha ha I know!  Well I am!  At the generosity and kind friendship of you all... but today of one special lady, I do hope she does not mind me mentioning this..

Well do you all recall a little while ago, I showed you this amazing design I found whilst looking through some of my old magazines.  Its so perfect it, its just me!  I showed you all and thought really nothing more of it as I knew one day I would get around to it...ha ha as we all do!  Yes it went on the to-do pile!

Here is the design if you need a little reminder...

Its wonderful is'nt it!  I love it :)

Well I was contacted  by a lovely stitching friend, who very kindly offered to buy me the threads I would need to stitch it.  I am blown away by this, and thought at first they were joking!  This lovely person is Mary Ann... from Just Stitching Blog.

The package arrived today ...

I was blow away by the wonderful colours.. the magazine does not do the ccolours justice..look...

And Oooh another first for me... specialty threads.. how very exciting!  I rarely get to use anything other than DMC or Anchor.. oh and the odd glitter thread (hmmm)  but oh these look really exciting to use :)  Can hardly wait!!!

Thank You so much Mary, you are very kind... and I do hope you follow my stitching journey when I start it :)

I was thinking of starting this as part of the new year long SAL Jo from Serendiptitous Stitching is organizing.  I am OH so very excited about a few things really!! 

Hmmm and whilst on the subject of Jo.. naughty Jo!! ha h ah a.  I received another package in the post .. yes from the lovely Jo.... how very naughty of you.  

I am humbled and grateful for all the wonderful friendships I now have since starting to blog.. this whole 'stitching' community is AWESOME!  Your all so very happy and friendly, I like to think I fit right in!? hee hee

Any way.. Jo very kindly sent me a package... now I was in two minds whether to open it or not, but after a little chat via email I decided to as Jo said to ask Jon (the other half!)  and well he was as curious as me!! ha ah ahaa

here is the package...
And Jo said it was not really a Christmas gift, so I could open it!  

Love the paper.... 

Oh must show you all the card... its adorable, made by Jo's son I believe...



Adorable like I say!! :)

Ooohh I am once again BLOWN away... yes I opened it!! It has a really awesome halloween design inside...

I love it!!! Oh my its really lovely and how wonderful that Jo gifted it to me :)  

Want to see where I have put it...

Next to my sheep design :)... for now until I locate a better viewing point.

I really do love it.. Thank You so much Jo, and Thank You for your kind friendship too.

One last thing to share with you all is Han's friend... Darwin.. his Christmas tree.  Han knows Darwin from when she attended college and they have kept in touch.

She did a bit of 'catching up' and spent the day with him at his house.  Whilst there Han took some photo's and thought I would share them as their tree is lovely.

Han and Darwin...

You can just see the tree!!

Its a real tree.... just lovely :)

Some decorations.. oh I love them..

Oooh well I think I have bored you all enough now!! 

Lovely to see you all pop in, Thank You :)

Smiles and happiness to you all :)



  1. Oh what lovely gifts you received. Looking forward to seeing your progress when you start.

  2. Another wonderful post , lovely stitching and fab gifts.

  3. What a lovely day, lots of nice goodies in the post.

  4. Wow, you've got great gifts!
    Snow Birds is beautiful !!!
    Very like reading your blog:-))
    Blogging is exploring the lives of others:-))
    Han is similar to you:-)

  5. Precious bird stitching!!!!
    Also love the cute Halloween gift--how nice!
    The threads are beautiful and that was a lovely, generous gift!
    I love Christmas, and those tree ornaments are too cute! Looks like they had great fun!

  6. Wonderful post Jacquie. I love your finish.


  7. This community really is special, and what wonderful gifts they shared with you! Han looks like she had so much fun with Darwin and what a pretty tree he has!

  8. Wow such lovely surprises. Enjoy! Love that CCN design you stitched.

    Your friends tree is lovely. Such cute ornaments.


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