Monday, 1 December 2014

1st December.. Open the advent calendar......

Hello my lovely happy friends...

Its just so lovely to be here and sharing today with you all..

Yes.. today is the 1 st December.. Oh my it has come around quickly, I think.  And before we know it Christmas will be done and over and we will be part way through January! 

I must Thank You all very kindly for your lovely comments, I unfortunately have not got around to you all to say Thank You.. note to self... try harder!! :)  I am still blown away by your generosity... you all have kind hearts and I am so happy.

Being the 1 st of December I have opened my Advent Calendar... yes I have one!  Never too old for that!  You would think I would have a yummy chocolate one... no!  Han does not care much for chocolate so no point really. Its the second year I have done this particular calendar and I love it...

Here it is....

Yes it s a wonderful Yankee Candle Christmas House Advent Calendar.

Here is what is inside...

Wonderful tea lights in the most festive scents..

Today's door..

Ooooh its lovely!  I have lit it and mmm its filling my living room with the most wonderful scent.. shame though as I dont know which one it is!  I shall have to guess! mmm maybe snowflake cookie?  Its lovely even though I dont know which one it is!

And I have these all the way through December! :)

Ok to my stitching...

I have done a little more... I just cannot seem to put it down!  An early post today.. that means I can get some more stitching in! :)

Here is where I am now...

I just have the bottom half to do and then its completed...

I hope your all happy stitching and creating?  Wednesday I will be going out to the post office.. to post the wonderful Travelling Treasure Chest.. eeek!!! I wonder who will get it next? Sssshhhh its a secret! ha ah a

Ok.. must get back to my stitching...

Smiles to you all :)



  1. I love that Advent Calendar! I had no idea they had one. I do believe this is going on my list of things to have for next year. Your stitching is lovely as always! :-)

  2. Love the stitching

  3. oOo! What a special Advent calendar. I had no idea Yankee did one.
    Your stitching is fab!

  4. That is indeed a lovely Advent calendar and pretty stitching, too.

  5. What a great Advent calendar. Nice progress on your stitching.

  6. Beautiful calendar! And beautiful stitching. Never cared for pink, but your stitching makes it very nice!

  7. Lovely stitching , and you Advent calendar is wonderful.

  8. A superb advent calendar, what a treat each day.

  9. Fabulous advent calendar!! I saw it in the shop and was extremely tempted to get it :D
    Maybe next year??? Your home is going to smell heavenly throughout all December.
    Lovely stitching too, it's an adorable design.

  10. What a delightful Advent calendar! Love it - though I love scented candles…..pretty pink project.

  11. Your Advent Calendar I really like:-)
    I wish you lots of goodies in it!
    And your embroidery is so sweet:-))

  12. Love your advent calendar Jacquie. Your stitching looks great.



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