Sunday, 14 December 2014

With added buttons!

WOW !!
and WOW!!

Thank You all so  so much for commenting on my last post :)  I was really quite overwhelmed at the amount of people that took time to comment... thank you :)

So after reading all your comments it appears I am to add buttons!! ha ha a Not just any buttons.. my own hand made ones! 

I should say that making this Christmas Robin wall hanging has left me quite emotional... oh for good happy reasons!  See It is actually the largest project I have ever attempted... and all made up by me...with no instructions to follow!  Sure I followed the design to stitch the robins but the actual wall hanging was a totally new experience for me and I just went with it!  Yup... made it up as I went along!

So this is why I am pretty proud of myself! :)

I guess I should show you all the buttons now!!

I should add, there are a few erm.. creases in it as I was so excited that I had done it I just put it on the wall and took the photo's! 

Side view...

I wanted to show you all this photo of the side as I am REALLY proud of the straightness and neatness of my lines :)

Close up of other corner...

Close up of all of it..

My Christmas Robin Wall Hanging...

I do hope you like it :)  
Sorry my photo is a little blurry.. I was too busy jumping about the room!

I have been blog hopping and seen something called free motion stitching... this interests me a lot.  And I love the freedom of it.  I would like to try it... I think? Not sure yet on this design.. but I like how it looks so maybe at a later stage when I am more confident?

I love the whole 'quilt' thing..... I so need to learn how to make them.  I think I may try a small one.. and I have the perfect bits to make it with.  All those adorable Round Robin sheep that have been sent to me :)  

And hmmmm I think to quilt properly you need an essential item... a table!! ha ah yes a table... well we dont have one!  Its true... where I currently live there is no space for one.  So I think it may be fine to make a 'little' quilt.. and the larger type may have to wait. 

I have something really lovely I wish to share with you all... it actually made me cry as its the nicest thing someone has done for me... I do hope the person who sent it to me does not mind me showing you all...

I received an e-card... 
Now I had not heard of these... 


I opened the message and it was a purple screen, then it said pick your flowers.. I clicked on the flowers which were all in the middle square but not in the oval bit...they gradually moved to the oval ... and arranged themselves into a lovely bouquet.. then 2 birds came and tied a bow...

It was just oh so very lovely..

And yes as you can see.. it was from my dear sweet stitching friend Kim... from Wisdom with Needle and Thread.  Thank You dearest Kim for cheering me up during my illness.  

Oooh I have to show you all the card I made my parents this year..

Its a 'me' design... I created it and made it!  And it was a lot of fun too :)  Oooh I designed something!! EEEEEeeeekkk!!!!

Here it is...

I love working with felt, I just had a idea to make a tree and went with it..

Before stitching...

Do you like the glittery red felt?  My mum found this on her travels around some local charity shops.  ha ha and its quite funny I made her a Christmas card with it!

After stitching...

Yes I added some little golden beads too...

And then made into a card...

A basic but pretty little thing I created .. do you think?  I hope my parents like it!?

So I should get back to some stitching... you think?!

Oooh as its almost Christmas ... I think I should work on an Easter design! ha ha ah a yes as before we know it, it will be here!  Oh but wait... Valentines is before that... hmmmm ;)

I am secretly ssshhhhh!  working on something for a 'special' friends birthday too.. but that is not until February... but its in the pipe line :)

I am thinking about making a list of all the projects I want to complete and do for next year.. in the hope I get to stitch them!  And for me having some sort of order is a good thing!  ha ha a as I tend to go off on a tangent all the time... it only takes one cute lovely design and I am off! I dont know why but I feel the need to stitch them!?  Do any of you feel like that?  

See side tracked again! ha ha a

Ok,.. if you have any suggestions about anything... please feel free to leave a comment :)

Or just leave a comment :)

Happy smiles to you all :)



  1. Your wallhanging is beautiful! You did a great job! Those perfect seems are not easy and you did it.
    Gorgeous card you made for your parents! Love the blanket stitches, beads and the sparkly felt!
    Sending you well wishes, love Annette

  2. The wall hanging looks great with the buttons Jacquie. Your parents Christmas card is great. I have a facebook group you might be interested in joining.
    Or you read about it on my blog.
    Hope you'll join me if you haven't already.


  3. Your wallhanging is beautiful, and the card you made is just lovely

  4. This post is so full of joy and Christmas spirit!! The hanging looks amazing and your lines are beautifully straight. Your widget on the sewing machine worked well.
    The card you made is so cute too, much quicker than cross stitching one!
    I love making lists at this time of year. I have my "15 in '15" ready plus the 31 for the DUCJC Challenge Linda just posted about.

  5. Excellent Jacquie! And the card is so sweet. Love that you used the felt your mum found also. I get sidetracked often!

  6. The buttons addition looks great on the wall hanging :)
    Cute tree!

  7. The buttons really finish off your lovely wall hanging. Well done!!
    P.S. I'm so glad your liked the card ;0)

  8. Oh my goodness Jacquie! But you have been a busy bee!
    Your robins are adorable as a hanging! I'd say you did superbly:) your sides are definitely a whole lot straighter than mine!
    Check out craftsy ...they have some free classes on quilting and the like :) I've got them saved...just need to find time to watch them!
    And your parents are going to love your card....its a Jacquie Original!!

  9. Your parents will be pleased card:-))
    I was also like sewing, but badly I sew sewing machine:-(
    Time goes fast, you're right, we're going to put on a great night:-)))

  10. Receiving a handmade card us the best thing ever, I'm sure your mum and dad will love their beautiful one.

  11. Charming buttons, amazing finish on the robins! Your handmade card is also gorgeous, I am sure your parents will love it.
    I have never heard of "freehand stitching".. what is that? It will be so interesting to see your results in this - as in everything else.
    Get well soon!

  12. Lovely long post, Jacquie and your finish is so bright and christmassy, I love it.


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