Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas is almost here....Eeeeeekkkkkkk

Hello my wonderful friends...

I am so sorry I did not post yesterday, I am for want of a better word... jet lagged!  ha ha After that whirlwind day trip to Bruges I well have just been so tired.  I found some energy to show you all what I have been up to..

See I have literally just been stitching!  Ha ha have no energy to do much else!

Remember this lovely start I made on this beautiful Blue aida?

Been thinking about it and well I want to keep it a little secret for now as it will come in handy later...

Just a little peek then...

Yes its a month!! ha ha ... a bit early!  So I will keep it under wraps for now!  More on this later :)

But I have stitched something festive... actually just finished it!

Its a design from The Primitive Hare called "Christmas Time 2011" and I did alter it very slightly...

Its stitched on Aida using DMC threads... hope you all like it and the way I finished it too..

I really enjoyed stitching that... and finishing it too :)  Must add ... Han did help me with the bow as I was pulling my hair out! :)

Oooh yes!!

You know all year I have been participating in the Round Robin kindly organized by June...

Yesterday I received June's Round Robin Stitch for me.... EEekkk I think its adorable!

How sweet is this!!!
Thank you June I love it!!!

Oooh and Thank You.. no a HUGE Thank You June for all the wonderful goodies you sent with this adorable sheep :)

I can make my own sheep!!! I love it!!!

Then this... I feel so spoilt :)

I love the Robin bag.. very pretty.  Cute adorable things inside too.  I looked at the santa packet and took it out of the plastic.. OH MY!! A wonderful Christmassy scent filled the air.. its marvelous.  I have never seen this before.. I think its so festive and mmm the scent is delightful :)  Thank You xx

I have really really enjoyed stitching for the Round Robin.. I have only 1 left to do which I am currently doing for my last partner.

Then once I have them all in... I will show you all my sheep stitched by the round robiners (yes I just made that up!) and see how they look together before I 'make' it into a throw for my stitching chair :)

I do hope another Round Robin starts up....

Oooh before I go... Han is screaming at me to ask erm... anyone out there that plays, yes plays Playstation Minecraft?  I dont... I cannot even get to grips with the controller! hah aha Han actually really enjoys playing it and takes over our TV!!

Well Han has this new 'title update 19' problem.. she cannot find all the music disks! ha ha.. so if you are a Minecraft player and could help Han out please feel free to leave a message on this post.. no doubt Han will be checking ever few minutes! haha ah a I should not laugh, she really enjoys playing this.. fine by me as I just sit and stitch! :)

Thank You all for popping in... lovely as ever to see you all :)

Hope your Christmas is coming together... with plenty of happiness and smiles :)



  1. Cute Prim Hare ornie. I stitched that one a while back, but the full design. My finishing was not as neat as your's though!
    I am intrigued by your "round robin" as it's organised very differently to the usual ones I do. It seems to be a good way to avoid whole pieces going missing in the mail!

  2. Beautiful ornament finish. Such a nice parcel and RR square from June.

  3. Lovely stitching and gifts Jacquie.


  4. Very nice ornament - and the finish, too. Congratulations on the presents!

  5. ooooo January is my birth month ... and gorgeous finish as well ... love the sheepies you have been getting and the goodies as well ...
    sorry can't help with the game Han ... don't play them :( love mouse xxxxx

  6. Love your reindeer stitching, you made a beautiful hanger...your gift is lovely.
    No help to Han here I am sorry.

  7. Beautiful finish and wonderful gifts. I believe my son plays. I will ask him in the morning and get back to you.

  8. My son got back to me quicker than I thought he would. He said that since the update he hasn't taken the time to find them all but he would assume they didn't move them all. So look where the old ones were. Also he suggested looking through the new content first then the old. And remember to look at the entire map.... They are not all in the castle.

    I don't know if this helps but I tried. Good luck.

  9. Oh, such a beautiful ornament. A lovely motive and a gorgeous ribbon that you used for the finishing.
    What a wonderful package full of goodies you have received from June. Enjoy everything.

  10. Oh my! That little sheep from June is soooo cute. What a perfectly finished ornament you made Jacquie.

  11. A very cute sheep ! I love the way you finished your cute ornie, very festive xx

  12. Your ornament is adorable, a very sweet finish.
    Love all your starts, the sheep is so cute.

    Merry Christmas

  13. Beautiful ornament you finished Jacquie!! Such a sweet gift from June too!! Have a very Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hugs!

  14. What a lovely ornament finish! You did a great job!
    Can't wait to see what the new one is!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  15. Merry Christmas, love your Ornament , so happy you like your R/R and goodies .


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