Sunday, 31 January 2016

Creature comforts....

Hello happy friends... I thought I would share with you my space.... something different!!

Hope your all well? 

I am hanging in there! 

I am really enjoying stitching the wonderful Scaret Letter design Mary Gail and thought I would share my 'space' with you all.  Most of you know, but for those that don't... I am currently bed bound due to all the health issues I have right now.  When I first became bed bound at the start of last year I initially thought hmmm sitting/laying all day this could work out kind of ok! How silly was I! When your independance is removed it's hard to come to terms with not going anywhere.  Thankfully I have a wonderful adjustable bed... Feet and head so I can manage to get into a kind of comfortable position.  I have 'things' around me, a table at a good height to the right of me, I tend to put all my drinks there as I spill everything! I have adjusted to doing things whilst in bed... Ha ha rude! No seriously!! I mean stitching, eating... That kind of thing! Yes keeping my sense of humour is really important, it's hard some days but like I say I am hanging in there.

So here is a photo I just took of literally in front of me... My view ! 

Nice big TV in bedroom... I have sky news on mostly as I listen more than watch.  I have a Wii too, but. Not for me to get energetic! Ha ha no no no!! It's basically used so that we can log into Netflix, love just watching movie after movie.  Ha ha look at those lovely pjs! Ha ha my quilt is rolled to the left, Jon's side during the day, then rolled back at night... It's works! 

And my stitching station... Ha ha my knee! 

Since posting earlier I have stitched a little more... The lovely grape bunch and the outline of the hill... It's lovely how it's coming together.

When I stitch something not quick... Ha ha middle to large projects I like to keep everything together.  The little project box works really well to store all the threads for Mary Gail.  The little cubby square on the top right is filling up with all the off cuts of thread just from Mary Gail.  I keep them as I sometimes use little odd bits for a stitch here and there. Got my happy smiley scissors.. To remind me to smile! And if your wondering what the block is... It's not a cake! Ha ha it's something someone recommended I explore when stitching for a neater cleaner stitch.  It's a block of natural bees wax and it smells lovely.  I don't use it all the time, but now and then if my thread is looking a little fluffy I pull the thread through it and then stitch with it... Makes the world of difference.  And the lid of the box is a great stand for the key.

That is pretty much my world! Stitching and TV on in the back ground! Welcome! Ha ha

Until I next pop in.... Keep smiling :)


  1. If you have to be bed-bound, at least it can be someplace pleasant; looks like a cozy spot. Your stitching looks wonderful, I'm enjoying watching it take shape.

  2. It looks like fun but I'm use its anything but when you're stuck there all day.
    Your stitching looks great, the colours are so vivid against the fabric.

  3. A comfy spot! The stitching is beautiful, such lovely colours too. I've heard about beeswax for conditioning threads but only ever tried thread heaven. Happy stitching.

  4. It looks like a great set up. I hope you get up and around soon! And no more hospital visits!

  5. I too have a little box like that with my goodies in. I have a larger one as well that you can put lots of different threads for the various projects in especially when you want to swap now and again to stitching something different.
    Happy Stitching!

  6. Oh Jacquie. I am so glad you are still smiling. What about that super duper knee brace they made you? No help?

  7. You do seem to be making the best of the situation. It seems like a lovely idea to be able to do nothing except stitch and watch TV but I think most of us would get very fed up after a few days.
    Mary Gail is good company though.

  8. I am sorry you are bed bound again!I like it that you still smile!AriadnefromGreece!

  9. Love the stitching..the colours are amazing. I hope you get some respite from all this soon.

  10. Oh boy!! Sorry to see you are bed bound again....good to have themtype of bed you do though, hopefully it helps you keep comfortable...well as best you can! Does the new knee brace help at all?? Are you keeping food in now? You always sound happy happy in your posts and you do spread many smiles!!! Your stitching is coming along beautifully. I have one of those type of boxes too, keep my hexies in there!!

  11. Sorry to see that you are back in bed.... while I long for time to just sit and stitch all day, I can well imagine that after awhile not being able to get up and out would be rather demoralising.... love your set up you have - if you have to laze in bed you might as well have everything you need close to hand!
    I hope that things start to improve for you soon...
    Hugs xx


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