Saturday, 16 January 2016

Would you like it?

Hello wonderful friends.... Ha ha it's true I need help!

Well your wondering what kind of help I bet?!

Aaarrrrgggggghhhhhh....... I don't know what to stitch next!! Help me!! 

When I say next, this is because I have finished the lovely Tralala design :)

Here is where I left it last time I posted...

There was not a lot left to do... To be honest over the last few days I have been taking things easy.  I have been so tired with not sleeping I had a day off! So thought I would show you all the finished look now.

Maybe from this angle...

It's really hard to get the pretty colours to show through, it looks rather dull, ha ha that's my naff photo taking skills! This is another finish to join the finishing pile.

As I won this chart in a marvellous raffle, hosted by Gaynor of Stitchers Anon.... I have desided to give it to someone else to stitch...if you would like that? The chart was originally kindly donated by Ingrid of Mii Stitch for the raffle.  I hope both Gaynor and Ingrid don't mind that I am passing this chart onto another happy stitcher to do? See it's such a pretty stitch I wanted someone else to do it too.

So..... What do you have to do to get your hands on this adorable chart? Good question! Maybe just leave a comment! That's it really! 

I will be happy to post this anywhere in the world to one of my followers :)

I will put all of your names in the bucket of dooooo ha ha yes I will firstly take the projects out! Then add the names of those interested and sweet jon can pick a winner :) 

Remember of course feel free to leave me a comment, I love reading them! But if your interested in this chart then just give it a mention that you are! Eeeeek! I mean I don't want to give it to someone that really does not want to stitch it! Ha ha I am sure there are a few of you out there that think it's cute enough to stitch? Here's hoping! 

Right I am going as I have no idea what to stitch next! Need to go and pull out some charts and see if I have the threads I guess! Ha ha 

Hopefully my next post we shall have a winner of the chart and fingers crossed I shall be stitching something! 

Remember to keep smiling while I am away!
Until I next pop in... Xxx


  1. How sweet this is! No need to include me in the draw.

  2. Congrats on your finish. Look forward to seeing what you stitch next.

  3. Such a lovely stitch. Enjoy choosing your next new start.

  4. Nothing inspiring in the bucket of doooooooo???? I can't do cross stitch sadly so no use me going in the draw. Love seeing what you do with your patterns though.

  5. Very cute. Congrats on your finish. I would love to have my name added to the bucket. Thank you!

  6. Waving hand in the air.....please add my name to your draw, I do love bunnies. You did a super job Jacqui.
    Good luck to all others who enter too.
    Hope all went well for Jon at the hospital

  7. Congrats on the cute finish Jacquie. I would love to stitch the design.


  8. That's so pretty Jacquie! I would love to stitch it but I have so many lovely designs in my stash it would be a while before I could stitch it and pass it on again.

  9. Very cute design, love bunnies. Please put my name in the bucket of doooo.

    1. Hello, thank you for your comm not but only people who follow my blog can be entered :). I notice you only follow blogs, do you cross stitch?
      Smiles :)

  10. You did a wonderful job and I love bunnies too. Please enter my name thanks.

  11. Aww you stitch so
    beautifully..please count me in for the giveaway
    I love this chart because I love bunnies ,
    Birdie carrots and basket sweet
    Thanks x

  12. Oh my goodness, of course I don't mind it being passed on. It's what we do isnt it??? Please enter me in the draw. You know what I'm like for two longs ears! It looks beautiful. I hope your feeling better now xx

  13. Great finish! I have all my pieces listed in a spreadsheet and then I use to pick which WIP I should work on next!

    I would love to be entered to receive this chart, I have a thing for bunnies - thank you!

  14. Sweet finish! Good idea to pass it on to someone else for it to be enjoyed and fully stitched :) Good luck to all your participants.

  15. Great finish, it looks very Springlike and will be perfect for my Easter Treasure Hunt. I'll just sign you up now LOL
    Don't put me in the draw though, good luck to everyone else.

  16. That's a great finish, Jacquie. I love Tralala designs very much and have stitched a couple of them, also this one. So, please, don't include me in the giveaway.

  17. Oh you are so quick in stitching! I'd love to stitch it too (on aida to do it fast enough) and then pass it on too!It can be a travelling pattern!AriadnefromGreece!

  18. Please do not leave a comment for the chart as the bucket of dooooo has chosen a winner! See next post!
    Thank you all for entering :)
    Smiles :)

  19. I think you should choose the Egyptian one :). I know it's border but it's an interesting one! Great finish :).


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