Thursday, 7 January 2016

Thought I would just.....

Pop in again!! Ha ha

Hello happy smiley friends :)

I have been glued to the TV.... Watching Norman Wisdom DVDs... I love watching him, he's so funny.  I understand his humour and antics as its all visual.  

Watched them all in 2 days!! Loved them.  Thought about moving onto Alfred Hitchcock DVD collection ... Maybe? Still thinking ....

So yes! Whilst watching Norman I have been stitching in between giggling :)

More on my Praire Garden design from Prairie Schooler.

This is where we were....

Then added this yellow flower....

Then I moved onto this.... Pretty rose.

Then stitched more... Beautiful corn flowers I think? 

So this is how we look now...

Just 6 to go... Half way there :)

I remember when it was like this.... Goodness how I have come on with it! 

It's true as I mentioned in my last post I thought I was going to have to put the design back into the Bucket of Doooooo. As I had run out of green!! I seriously underestimated how much green there was in this design!  Thankfully Han was out and about and phoned to ask if I wanted anything...yipppppeee!! A person on the outside! Ha ha sounds like I am in the clink?! Ha ha no just stuck in my house and bed! That is bad enough I guess.  So Han very kindly picked up some much needed thread for me :)

This is how I have managed to stitch on... And on :) I will not run out now!! Ha ha I think after stitching this design I may be a little sick of green for a little while?! You think??!  

Working on some other things too..... Will show you all soon :)

Until I pop in again soon....

Remember to smile :)


  1. I am very much like you the same color so much makes me want to scrteam.
    Nice stitching.


  2. Impressive progress! Very neat stitching. And so nice of Han to check up on you and solve your thread shortage.

  3. I love that Han got to the thread to continue, I can't wait to see it finished. Love the flowers. hugs thanks for visiting my blog

  4. Great job! You're making really good progress on this :). Your skeins look different than ours which is interesting. I just stitches that same color earlier today :). It went in some mountains :)

  5. Lovely work, it is disheartening to stitch a lot of one colour but the finished item will be worth it :-)

  6. The flowers are looking very nice...

  7. Wow you're really speeding along with this one! I would stick with it if you can - you could have it finished next week at this rate!

  8. It's growing so quickly Jacqui and looks delightful

  9. Such a good daughter Han is. Fantastic progress Jacquie.
    Alfred Hitchcock would be a good time also.

  10. The flowers look gorgeous already! I am glad you're working on it fast!AriadnefromGreece!

  11. It's really looking so lovely and happy stitch ❤️

  12. WOWEE! You're really stitching in WARP speed ;0) It looks beautiful.

  13. Great dvd marathon. ..I do that too, go t OK the sewing room put on a dvd and sew away happily. Sometimes I put on Mrs Bucket...have watched her so many times but she always makes me laugh! Your rose and cornflowers are looking are going great guns with this!! So good of Ham to get the thread for you, no stopping you now!! :-)

  14. Woops, sorry for the strange words, the auto speller got away on me!!! Lol!!

  15. Oh wow, that is coming along nicely. You stitch so fast. I stitched for quite a few hours yesterday and it feels like I got hardly anything to show for my progress.

  16. Gorgeous! I think I have that pattern somewhere too!

  17. Did you know Norman Wisdom is considered a National Hero in Albania? When they had the cultural lock-down he was one of the few Western comedians allowed to be shown on TV. Useful trivia fact for pub quizzes.
    The flower sampler is looking great! You should have bought a whole cone of the green LOL


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