Friday, 1 January 2016

Fun and games....


Hello friends... I hope you all had a wonderful New Year?? 

You will never be live the one I have had! Ha ha

I won't bore you all with all the details! But just a little! Oh and good news too!!

New Year's Eve I! 
The view from my hospital bed!

Yes unfortunately as some of you know I tried so very very hard to stay out of hospital all over Christmas... Come New Year's Eve and off I went! My doctor admitted me to have tests done...a lot of tests I might add!! Bloods, liver, kidneys, pancreas.... X Rays... And the good news is that they have found out what is wrong with me! Finally!! I have a rather large blockage in my colon... This apparently is what has been making me poorly.  Naturally I have to have more tests, but they can be done as an out patient.... Which I am very happy about!! See what bother my knee has caused me!! Sooner I am fixed the better!!

Poor me!!

I am resting back home now...and thrilled to of been discharged so quickly!! 

I have been stitching...ha ha not in the hospital, back home! 

Here is where I left it....remember....

I was deciding which flower to start with...

It's just so pretty to stitch, loving it!!

Then this one was finished... Anyone know what the flower is? Just curious :)

On with the stitching!! 

Happy happy new year to all of you :) 

Big smiles :) 


  1. Oh my dear sending you big hugs and lots of best wishes...
    Great stitching.
    Happy new year
    Love you x

  2. Sorry for the hospital stay but at least they have some clues to your problem. Glad you are home and I hope the New Year brings some health results for you.

  3. Oh Jacquie what a way to round off the year! I hope this is the beginning if the end for your health problems.
    I would have said forget-me-not for the flower but I think that's the birth flower for February! It's lovely anyway.

  4. So glad you are back home! I am praying the doctors have answers AND solutions for you this time!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Good grief charlie brown ... don't drop in for a few days and look what happens ... at least they have found the cause and now 2016 can start to be the year of fixing you ... lovely stitching and hmmmm not sure on the flower to be honest .... take care and will squeak again soon :) love mouse xxxxx

  6. Glad to see you getting your money's worth out of the NHS! Hopefully that will be the last visit for a while.
    The flowers look like violas to me but do they have them on the prairie? Maybe you should ask Gracie, she lives in Arizona!

  7. I found this, could it be a New England Aster?

  8. Jacquie, I wish you many, many health !!!
    The cause is already known, it is a good start!
    I send sweet greetings!

  9. Jacquie..oh dear , at least they are onto it now and hopefully you will be tickety boo very soon, now at home, well isn't it the best place...hoping this year you get better very soon xx

  10. I'm glad they finally found what's wrong! Wishing you a Happy New Year, a speedy recovery and lots of stitching!

  11. Hopefully now they have found out whats the problem you will soon be improving with each day. Wishing you a new year that goes from strength the strength.
    Happiness to you and the family. x

  12. best wishes Jacquie. Don't know the flower but the stitchery is going to look lovely when all filled in. Happy New Year

  13. Oh dear! But glad you got home so quickly.

  14. Dang it Jacquie stay out of the hospital! Lol I'm glad you got out quickly and they know what's wrong. Lovely stitching I think the flowers on the right are next :). Good luck getting healthy! Happy new year!

  15. Woo Hoo!!!! Not that you have been back in hospital but that the Drs have FINALLY found what is causing you problems!!! Hopefully it can be fixed quickly for you Jacquie. Don't know what the flower is..pretty purple flower...will that do?? lol!! Here's to a safe and healthy and happy New Year for you, Jon and Han. xx

  16. Glad they found what was wrong. Get better soon!

  17. I'm so glad you'll be going home! Your garden looks lovely, I'm going with coneflowers.

  18. Sorry to hear you spent the holidays in hospital, but at least you now finally know why you've been so ill. Fingers crossed it's only upwards from here. Happy New Year Jax.

  19. So sorry you had to ring in the new year in the hospital, but how wonderful that they figured out the problem! Hopefully this is the year of solutions and healing, and everything good:)

  20. Sorry you ended up in the hospital but happy they found out what was wrong with you. Very nice stitching and Happy New Year!

  21. Sorry to read that you have not been doing well. I apologize for falling behind on reading your blog. Your PS is looking nice. Happy New Year!


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