Sunday, 24 January 2016

Pulling my hair out....

Ha ha I feel like doing it!! Ha ha but won't as I don't do pain! 

Well hello there! Happy smiley friends :)

Are you wondering why I want to pull my hair out? Ok....

I have been whizzing through projects and really enjoying stitching right now, but two days ago I got so frustrated I honestly did feel like pulling my hair out.  It's because I can't decide what to stitch! I know trivial right? I mean why can't I just pick something??

I looked at all the wonderful links you all kindly gave, thank you!! But could not decide.... I adore Satsuma designs, they are so colourful and have stitched a bird one recently.  I know in some of my English magazines I have more of the Satsuma designs... Ha ha but got to locate them! So they are on hold right now!

Then I took to the Internet.... As you do! And I love bees and gardens and hives and flowers.... I found the perfect design!! Ha ha but could I find it, nope! I seriously looked everywhere, jon did too! So take a look at the picture I am just about to put up... If you know where I can locate this omg! Please let me know!! Naturally I will pay!! I saw it and instantly thought YES!! So please help me find it :)

Here it is..

It's called Gathering Honey (took image from the Internet)

Did I actually get any stitching done? Ha ha good question! I thought about pulling something out of th bucket of doooooo... Yes that's it, I thought about it! Ha ha 

As I recently finished a house I thought ok... Another house! Ha ha this was another Little House Needleworks design, called Berries.  Jon bought this last year for me sometime, it came with all the threads too....bonus! 

I opted to stitch on 18 count white Aida.. 

My start...

Then before I knew it within a couple of hours it was finished! 

A cute design... Now to ponder what to do with it! 

Oh yes look at all the threads left over... Maybe I could stitch it again another 27 times jon said! Ha ha 

Or maybe use them for something else?! 

Then as I seem to be in the house mood.... Not sure how I got like that?! I heard something in the bucket of dooooo calling me! Seriously it was!! It's a wonderful design I have stitched a lot of this series ..

Remember this one? 

Yes I had already made a good start on it, hmmmm some time ago! So picked it up again and set it up in my frame...

And thought I would make a start on the bird house... Ha ha the white space on the right in the trees! 

That did not take me long to stitch... The longest thing about this design is reading all the instructions! Oh my!! The instructions are so detailed, I have to read and re-read them just to make them clear to me.  I can get back into this... I cannot wait to start stitching all the birds around the edge, they are so detailed and pretty. Ha ha and educational for me too! 

On with the stitching! 

One last photo to share with you all.... Ha ha my PJ bottoms! I thought the design awesome so why not share with you all! Ha ha

Ok... Going now and I seem to be in a rather giggly mood! When I was talking to Han on FaceTime earlier (yes she is at Caterina's until tomorrow) I was chatting and said I was thinking I had cabin fever! Haha you know where you just cannot go out and stare at the same 4 walls... Ha ha or in my case 3 walls and a window! It does get to you being stuck in one room 24/7 and being bed bound on top of that! I cope by stitching!! Much excitement on Monday! See I am being picked up by hospital transport and taken to hospital! Han is coming with me...oh don't worry I am not being admitted! It's finally to see the dietician/nutritionalist!! I have waited a long long time to go and Monday its happening!! Hopefully I shall find out how they plan to get to eat more and eat more vitamins too!? All very exciting as I say! Highlight of my week!! Ha ha 

Ok I am going now... Sunday tomorrow.... A nice relaxing day stitching I think! Enjoy your day and remember to keep smiling :)


  1. Good luck with finding that design!Never seen ti in my life! Good luck with the bird house!Have I told you a friend has given me the butterfly house? Have you made it? I must start it at some point!But I said to myself no big starts before finishing a huge one I have!Good luck with the hospital appointment too!Hugs.AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Love your new starts.
    Good luck for tomorrow .

  3. Berries is a sweet little design. Happy stitching on the birds, it's such a beautifully detailed design. Good luck searching for the bees

  4. I'm actually halfway through stitching that Gathering Honey design for a friend. If you can wait you can have the chart when I've finished with it. But don't hold your breath!
    If I know you want it then I will put it next after the Nora Corbett Fairies as they must be my priority!

  5. Love your new start
    Good luck for Tomm x

  6. What a busy stitch you girl you have been. Hope tomorrow goes well xx

  7. Berries is sweet. I hope the dietician works with you and helps you.
    Surprise! I have that pattern. I recognized it and went digging. I will send it off to you on Monday.

  8. The Gathering Honey design is currently available as a kit on eBay (I'm not the seller). If memory serves it was a cover design on BH&G's Cross Stitch & Contry Crafts magazine. Sorry I don't know what issue, but those mags are plentiful on eBay.

  9. Love your Berries and birds! Great stitching. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

  10. Lots of great stitching :). I see people have already found your design! Aren't stitchers great? Good luck with the hospital visit!

  11. Love your little house! ! Looks like the design you are wanting to work on isnheading your way!!! Aren't bloggers wonderful!!! That looks like a beautiful design...the bee hive one. Hope all goes well with the hospital visit...enjoy your time outside the three walls and a window!!!

  12. I was sure I had seen that design on a blog recently, and yes, it was Jo's and I see she commented for you.
    Nice Berries finish


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