Sunday, 24 January 2016


Hello wonderful friends...

I wanted to show you the series I have been stitching over the years...

I saw these design oh so many years ago and instantly liked them, I bought some and over the years when I have seen more I naturally added to them! 

Here are the ones I have stitched, I have always bought them in kit form and loved doing them.

Sorry they are not very good images, I took them some time ago and keep them stored on my PC.  Here are some others I am yet to stitch... But will get there!! 

Not sure if this one is of the same set... But I liked it and maybe it can go?

And the one I am currently stitching...

I have looked and jon too... I think I have all of them in the set... They are really lovely and I am so pleased all those years ago I decided to collect them.

Ha ha in my last post I mentioned the instructions... Here they are for the bird one I am stitching! 

You can see why I read and re-read the instructions! 

Do you know I am totally useless at taking photos! Ha ha 

Ok on with the stitching!
Smiles :)


  1. Gorgeous projects Jacquie.


  2. They are a lovely set. I especially like the beach and floral ones. Those instructions look complicated

  3. Thanks for posting them all together. I have the butterflies one but haven't started it yet. I love the sea themed one too! I hope you will make them all and turn them into a book!It will look marvelous!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. you do have a great collection of those ones..........I see what you mean about the instructions........

  5. You have a great collection. They are not so much my taste for stitching myself but I can see they would offer a lot of gratification with mini finishes for each motif.

  6. That is a really cool set! My favorites are the butterflies and the ocean :). I can definitely see why you'd need to read the instructions a lot lol I'd be so confused!

  7. Wow! You have many projects to pick from my friend!

    1. Indeed... But I have stitched th m all apart from the last 3 and the bird one is one I am currently plodding on with! These are so old now! I started these when I started stitching... Many many moons ago! They are a life time series I think! Ha ha

  8. That is a beautiful series Jacquie, I can see why you collected them. ..they are all lovely but I think I like the beach and the fame the best. Oh dear those instructions would make me cross eyed, you need Jon to be on hand to read each step for you! !

  9. Chére Jacquie,
    Que de charmantes broderies,j'aime le cottage avec les fleurs et celui avec les fruits!
    J'aime tellement que je vais voir ou je peux trouver les kit,tu es adorable!
    Une vrai championne en broderie.
    Belle journée et bonne broderie a toi.

  10. Wow you have sweet projects ..
    A beautiful collection my dear x

  11. OH. MY. GOSH!!!! These are so pretty - and unusual. What beautiful stitching, my friend!

  12. Lovely collection but those instructions! Well done for following those. I think you should frame them all - they would look great together!

  13. Hi Jaquie: Lovely stitching, are you going to hand them in a cluster of pictures?


  14. A great collection, they'll keep you busy.

  15. That's a wonderful series, Jacquie. And you have already stitched many of them. I have always wanted to stitch one of this series and now I found one in a magazine. And I was lucky because it's one with woodland animals, which I love.


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