Saturday, 2 January 2016

One two a few stitches....

Hello friends...

Is it safe to say Christmas is over now? Been and gone for another year now... I do hope you all had a happy smiley one? Love to know if you did anything extra ordinary, ha ha I am so nosey! Things were extremely quiet here! Ha ha... I can laugh about it now! Roll on next year is what I say!! In the mean time I am hoping things, well ok, hoping my health for one improves this year. 

 I love being a part of blog land as for me it means friendship.  I have so many blogger friends, yes!! You lot!! You all keep me going... It's tough being stuck back in bed, but as they say... There is always a silver lining! I will try my hardest to make 2016 a happy one for me and many of you out there too :)

I have seen some of your blogs whilst hopping about, some off you making New Years resolutions.  I used to participate in this, but now just go with the flow of things.  It's just best I do things day by day without having a nagging in the back of my mind reminding me to do something too! Oh forgive me, I know some of you love to stick by your New Years resolutions... Go for it!! Just saying it's not for me that's all.... Hope you understand.

I wanted to do so much during 2015 stitching wise.... Ha ha things, yes! Things got in the way! I did stitch, that's the main thing I guess! I did right at the end of 2015 decide to start stitching the contents on the Bucket Of Dooooooo.... And yes!! Yes!! Yes!! I did already complete one item from there! And happy to say stitching more from the Bucket Of Doooooo.

Yes the stitching...

I am currently stitching A Prairie Garden designed by The Prairie Schooler, from my Bucket Of Doooooo! 

This is what it looked like way back ....

Then... Yippppeeeee!! I completed all the border :)

On with the stitching.... Pretty pink flowers!

Then... Pretty sunflower.

Then....pretty Iris I think? Or pretty blue flower!

That is where I am now...

All done on the far left! Onwards with more I think!! 

Or maybe a change? Ha ha you should all know me by now, I am very easily side tracked! 

Oh goodness yes...... I am so so so happy, no, thrilled you all liked the happy Christmas ornies I posted out.  In all I posted 24, all over the world!! Seriously it was so much fun, I will have to think up something for next year! Those who received one... Thank You for being a part of my blogging world and for making me smile.  Sadly I could not post out to those who sadly I did not send to... Thank You also.

Until my next post... Keep smiling :)


  1. Your garden is growing and lovely!

  2. Yup your garden is growing so beautiful.
    Love x

  3. Happy New Year dear! I am one of your followers, read you every time but do not comment very often. I am just writing this to thank you for keeping up and inspite all your health difficulties you try your best to smile and make others smile too. One does not have to receive a little gift from you to consider you a friend. You couldn't possibly send everyone handmade items. It's more important to be here with us as much as you can. That's our gift.Happy New Year! AriadnefromGreece!

  4. your cross stitch is coming along well........I treasure me online friendships.......I sure hope you have major health improvements in 2016......

  5. When it comes to resolutions, there are different ones for different times. Sometimes, travelling or stitching a project is a goal. Other times, breathing and taking it one day at a time is an accomplishment.
    I admire your ability to keep the blog and post so regularly. I love reading your posts and looking at your stitching progress pictures. Thank you for that, often it makes my day.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

  6. I was wrong! Lol it looks great I love the colors on the iris! I only have one goal this year and that's to finish paradise :)

  7. Wow!!! You are ding well with that cross stitch....the flowers are beautiful! I love reading your blog and love your positive outlook and was sooooooo pleased to have met you and Jon last year!! I am making a list of things I need to get finished this year...bit like your bucket of doooooooo...but mine will be a list of doooooo!!! Lol!! Even though I have the list I don't really do resolutions either...never keep them so don't see the point!! :-) Look after yourself!!

  8. Hope you are back on your feet soon Jacquie. Your garden is blooming! I love the blue flower especially.

  9. Your flower garden is growing well.

  10. Beautiful flowers and best of all they don't need to be cared for. ;)


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