Friday, 8 January 2016

Friday night with friends....

Well hello happy friends!! 

It's OMG! The first Friday in Januay!! Eeeeeeeeek!!!!


I just love joining in with 'crafty' friends all over the world, it's such fun :) I hope you have all been busy making, stitching and creating? 


I took something out of my Bucket of Doooooo..... I should explain what this is if your a first time visitor... Or forgotten, it's ok, my memory sucks too! Ha ha that's why I post in this blog! 

The Bucket Of Doooooo is an amazing thing let me tell you! It holds some of my work in progress stitching projects. Now I say work in progress because that is exactly what they are... Ok they may sit collecting dust for years, but I never forget about them, honest! One day they will be plucked from the Bucket of Doooooo ( things to be done!) and actually stitched! 

Here is my Bucket of Dooooo.... Oh yes it exists!! 

It has some really lovely designs in... One day to be finished!!

And the design I plucked...

It's a Prairie Schooler design called Prairie Garden, I think it's really pretty and the type of flowers as well as the colours made me want to stitch this.

As I say I love the design but I so do not like stitching borders! And this border is frankly boring! The green I thought would be alright, but omg! I am so sick of stitching with green! Ha ha

Since plucking it out of my bucket I have literally stitched on this design every day... Managing to fit other things in too...really! Ha ha I get easily side tracked! If your curious you can go back a few posts and see what else I have been stitching... A darling cute adorable fox for one! 

Yes... So stitched and stitched...

Today I stitched more.. With all of my friends :)


I have been really busy and am thrilled with my progress... So near to finishing :)

Here is how it looks all together... Sorry I am rather naff at taking photos! 

I am really into this design now and every flower I stitch I complete a square and am a little closer to the end.

I hope you all like what I have been stitching and like me are pleased with how it's coming along? I want to thank you for popping in to see me, and I hope you pop in again soon :)

After this project I have something rather special to start....eeeek! I know a new start!! By a designer I have not actually stitched anything by yet! 

I should say I am a happy stitcher and there are so many very talented designers out there I want to try them all! Oh of course I have favourites... Who has not! But I love finding new and exciting designs to try... You will all no doubt will me to finish the Prairie Garden design so that you can find out what I will be stitching next! Ha ha 

Have a lovely stitching weekend :)

Happy smiles to you all until I next pop in! 



  1. You are making such wonderful progress on this one Jacquie, love the flowers and good you have made a hole in the bucket of dooooooo!!!! Happy stitching.

  2. Great progress on the Garden. I can relate to "every square" because I am working on the 12 days of Christmas... I am only on square 2.
    So who is that new mysterious designer you have not stitched anything by yet? ;) Stitch me intrigued...
    Happy Friday!

    1. Oooooh your project sounds fun!! And ha ha you will have to wait and see !!
      Smiles :)

  3. Congrats jacquie it's looking great!

  4. You are getting close to the finish on this! So pretty! Love the colors!

  5. Lovely progress on your stitching ... nearly there :)

  6. Great progress, I like your bucket of dooooo

  7. This is looking lovely - I really like the thistle. Looking forward to seeing your new chart soon!

  8. Looks great, you have stitch allot since I last looked in.

  9. This looks lovely and I hope the last 4 squares are quicker for you to finish. Can't wait to see it finished!

  10. Haha, it's an actual bucket!! Love it.
    Great progress on your flowers too. I love the thistle block in particular.

  11. Love that design especially the iris bottom left. Borders are so tedious though. I have a basket of dooooo or rather doom as its where all the good intentions go to die! Lol.

  12. I love how this one is turning out!AriadnefromGreece!

  13. Looks like you got all the green border done! Yay! Now you can work on the rest of the more interesting flowers.

  14. You have already stitched so much of this wonderful project. I have only two flowers so far, the sunflower and the one next to it on the right hand side. I wonder what all these flowers are.

  15. You've whizzed along with this Jacqui, its fabulous.

  16. I love the flowers you stitched.. Just beautiful.

  17. Wonderful !
    Happy stitching

  18. It's looking great it feels good to finish a WIP.


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