Monday, 18 January 2016

The bucket of dooooo chose a winner!

Helło my happy smiley friends :)

Yes it's true the bucket of doooooo has chosen a winner...look!!

Firstly I want to thank all of you that left comments... And would like to stitch the adorable Tralala chart... This one if you forgot!

I got to thinking on this chart and I would love love love it to be a travelling chart... Oh there is no time limit to stitch it, but once stitched I would love it to be offered to another happy stitcher.  What do you think about that idea? It does not matter if it takes the new owner 1 -5 years to stitch it! I would be happy just knowing that person would pass it on...just as I have :). And it would be so exciting seeing where it travels to...

So the winner... Dear sweet jon put his hand into the bucket of dooooooo and pulled out a piece of paper. Ha ha I took all the stitching projects out of it first! 

The winner is....JULIE !!! 


Thank you so much for your comment and I hope you enjoy stitching the design.  Please email me with your address so I can organise to put it into the post :)

And I have been stitching too.... I pondered for a whole day! It was a kind of torture as I wanted to stitch but just could not decide! I was almost pulling my hair out with frustration! Sweet jon went looking through my bits and bobs and found me a darling design to stitch...

I got started on it straight away!  A clue... Maybe you can guess the chart or designer?

Yes!! Ha ha it has my name in it! Ha ha my actual official name too! More clues needed... Ok

Surely you know now? 
The next photo will give it away for sure.....

Ok.... Here is the chart...

It's a Little House Needleworks design... I am stitching again on 18 count white Aida with DMC threads.

This is where I am now, yes been rather busy! You can see from the chart and what I have stitched I had to adapt it slightly... Ha ha to fit my extra long name in! I think it looks ok though.

And have to share with you all the latest food I am enjoying.  Ha ha yes! You read that right, I am enjoying it! Mmmmmmm

Petite pois in a bowl with just fresh cracked sea salt and black pepper... Mmmmmmmm.

There you have it!! 

Thank you once again for popping in to see me, I love to read all your comments.  Until I next pop in, keep smiling :)


  1. Love your new start Jacquie. Congrats to the winner.


  2. Oh that is a nice pattern you have going Jacquie.
    Hooray for peas! ;)

  3. Congrats Julie. Great progress, looks great.

  4. I like your new start! You can really get them finished quickly!!! You are one fast stitcher!!

  5. Congratulations Julie! Lovely new start Jacquie - like Frances says you really stitch quickly.

  6. Congrats dear Julie :)
    Love your stitching and I love peas so much :)

  7. Peas???? Love your stitching Jacquie, you have done heaps. Well done to Jon for finding something to inspire you.

  8. Oh WOW ... thank you Jacqui... off to email you... thank you Jon for choosing my name.
    I've got some things I need to do in January, but will make a start on it in February and definitely pass it on when completed, I love charts that move on to other bloggers to use.
    Home of the Needleworker looks super

  9. Home of a needleworker is such a lovely chart. You've made great progress on it. Congrats to Julie too.

  10. Congrats Julie! Great post I love the design I think you tweaked it perfectly :). I hate peas but it's good you're able to keep them down!

  11. Congratulations to Julie,
    Great new start, I stitched this one a while back but of course my name fitted perfectly!

  12. Congrats to the winner and a great new start too!

  13. Congratulations to the winner! Beautiful design (although that hare lady seems to be missing a leg to me, sorry. ) Congratulations on the new start, beautiful! LHN is one of my favorite designers.


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