Sunday, 3 January 2016

Side tracked....

Hello happy friends....

It's true I have been side tracked! See I was blog hopping, as you do... Came across a pretty blog I have been following for a while now.  You all know of it I am sure, THE SNOWFLOWER DIARIES

I popped in and saw that a new SAL was being launched... But only on Facebook :( I left a message as many others did expressing that they do not use Facebook.

I pop back today and ooooooooh!! Goodness!! The year long SAL, it's called Joyful World is now available on the blog!! Yipppepeeeeeeeee!!! Naturally I wasted no time, downloaded the January design.... Roped Jon into finding me threads and fabric and off I started to stitch! The SAL is all year and one design is released per month....

You can go HERE to check all the information out and join in if you like too :) and the most amazing thing of all is that it's available in many other languages too.

Here is where I am... Ha ha told you all I got side tracked!

I am stitching the design on 28 count Pearl linen in flax colour using DMC threads.

As you can see I have completed the border! Just have to fill it in now.... Hopefully my next post will show the January design complete.  I noticed that on the 10th January, February design is released... Awesome! 

Hope to see some of you joining in and your stitching... It's a lot of fun.


Ha ha side tracked! 

Until my next post, keep smiling :)


  1. I love snowflower diaries. When she first started I ran a group promoting new and small pleased she is doing well. She's such a nice lady!

  2. This year I am all about minimalism and I'm trying to work mainly on WIPs. I have so many of them that I even don't bother to count them anymore. I'm planning to start another HAED (A stitch in time) but no more new starts for me this year. I will enjoy watching your progress (big smile).

  3. Cool design I love that border with the little flowers on it :) No new starts for me until I finish Paradise but I'll cheer you along!

  4. Many of us will be stitching this SAL

  5. Another successful border meet-up! I'm tempted but like Evalina am trying to live more simply in 2016.

  6. I'm so excited that she offered the SAL on her blog too. Off to a great start. I am trying to clean up my WIP basket a bit before I start anything new. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  7. Very very nice, but what about the bucket of dooooooo???? Lol!! Like me you have been distracted and are off on a other project. ...hee hee!

  8. I am taking part too! I never tried something like this before and am doing it on 40 ct linen I think it will be difficult for me but surely one a month will be fine!AriadnefromGreece!

  9. Maja is so very talented and generous! I printed the pattern off, but as you know, I am not supposed to stitch just yet. :( I will soon thought I think!

  10. Oh what a beautiful SAL... I loved the first pattern! I shall have to be strong and not join at the time - I have so many things I have already committed to. I will be watching your progress with excitement and drool over results. ;) Thank you for the link!

  11. I love this SAL and I am going to try to do it, too!
    I thought of you when I saw it on FB--I'm so glad you got it!
    If I can get these done, you know that I will make ornaments!!! haha

  12. It's so lovely! Love her whole sal. love Annette


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