Thursday, 14 January 2016

A new start....

Hello happy smiley friends :)

I love everything about a new start... Starting a new project is so exciting.  

Yes I have started a new cross stitch project, and why not! I bet your all wondering what too!! I did indeed say it's a design by a designer I have not stitched anything by.... Shocker!! Ha ha 

It's a pretty little design I luckily won last year in a Stitchers Anon raffle...

It's a Tralala design called Chasse a l'oeuf.... And rather cute looking too!

Here is my journey so far..

Preparing the threads was a nightmare for me, naturally I changed a few! I found a gentle art thread! Yes one! And happened to be orange too...called, bittersweet, good enough for the carrots I thought! 

I have since changed DMC 523 to 3364 as I liked it better! I decided to stitch it on 18 count white Aida, just for a change! 

And the design...

Cute right??? 
Bit closer...

I think it's a spring Easter design.... I just love the carrots! 

And stitching wise, well I have been stitching none stop today! Jon made a joke asking if I was going to finish it today! Ha ha 

Close up...

It's adorable.. You think???

So all I have left to do on this is the grass bottom with hearts and carrots and the border....arrrrghhh a border! No!! This will be known as a pretty ivy flower trim! I can do this!!

I don't actually know much about this designer... I guess there are/must be some of you out there that have stitched Tralala designs? It's stitching up pretty quick too.... Maximum of two days this will take me I am sure.  It's making me smile as I stitch, so all is good! 

I may have started something else by the next time I pop in! Ha ha so much time on my hands!! 

Friday tomorrow...where has the week gone!?  Time actually means nothing in this house ha ha unless we have a hospital appointment! Friday Han and I are alone all day as jon is getting picked up by patient transport and going to his own hospital appointment! It's a routine physio appointment, I hope the day goes ok for him and they don't torture Erm.... Work him too hard! Ha ha

Until I next pop in, remember to smile :)


  1. I wish I could sit and stitch all day, love the design. Very nice I think it is an Easter design. What are you planning to make it into. I like the pillow on the package, it looks nice but that is your choose. Thanks for commmenting on my blog. Yes, we got lots of snow and today it is bitter cold. hugs

  2. Amazing progress on your bunny! I think she needs another leg though LOL
    I do love those days when you can just sit and stitch. On a Sunday I try to spend all afternoon stitching because it sets me up for the week.

  3. Very cute. You stitch so fast.

  4. What a beautiful design....and you have done so much! ! Hope Jon's appointment went ok.

  5. That's gorgeous Jacquie. What a lot you stitched! I have a Tralala chart, Alice, which was given to me by Mii Stitch. They are lovely designs.
    Hope Jon gets on OK tomorrow.

  6. Your needles must be smoking! Great progress on a cute piece!

  7. Adorable design and congrats on your finish, Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice

  8. Holy cow you've got a lot done! It looks great! It's not a small design either lol :)

  9. Wow you stitch super fast and so cute
    Love you xx

  10. Yes, I remember donating that chart :)
    Corinne from Tralala is French!
    If you would have gone on my blog, you would have seen a few of her designs.... they are all adorable.
    Enjoy your stitching, it looks great so far.

  11. Sweet stitching! Have a good weekend:)

  12. Beautiful stitching..I love the design. Def. a designer I will be taking a better look at. Very pretty.

  13. Oh my, what and adorable design. I do like bunnys, I've just sent another one of mine out to a new home lol


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