Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Rather interesting....

Hello happy friends....

This is Brighton Pavilion...

HERE is a link to Brighton and more information on The Brighton Pavilion. If you want to know more! It's only up the road from me.... Well ok, about just under an hour in the car! I used to. Go to Brighton a lot for shopping and cinema and the pier,  Han likes the shops there! Not so much these days.... It's funny as I live near to Brighton I have never seen it as a tourist attraction! Ha ha but it is, there is so much to see there, Han and I love the Lanes, lots of nice shops and boutiques to visit.

And why have I shown you this?? 

Well today my mum brought me something rather interesting.... Look...

How interesting is this??!!

With this fabric inside... Yes!! Brighton Pavilion!

So thought I would take a look at this new quilting project that has just been launched here.  I saw it on the TV and appears my mum did too! She instantly thought of me and searched the shops for it, and today brought it around! Yipppeeee how exciting! At this stage I am not sure if I am going to subscribe to it or even make it.  But it's something new and interesting right now! I love a good distraction!! Ha ha

So what else have I been doing? 

Stitching!! Naturally!! 

Remember the lovely Prairie Schooler design I am stitching? Of course you do! Ha ha

Well I stitched another flower!! I think this one is pretty... Is it mimossa?

But unfortunately this design has to go back in the Bucket Of Doooooo.... Why I bet your wondering?? Not because I want it to :( oh no!! I did not realise how much green this design needs.  OMG!! so much green!!  Not any green though it's DMC 3362.... Seriously I thought there was enough of this green in the border! So for the mean time this design is on hold.

What will I do now?? Ha ha well I cannot stitch more of the lovely cute months from The Snowflower Diaries as they have not been released yet! 

So what did I do?? Started an Easter stitch! Ha ha what else! 

Ha ha it's a Trilogy design called Beatrice! 

Why not an Easter design? It will soon be here! Ha ha

And here is where I am...

Little closer?

This stitch is a easy on the eyes one! See I am stitching it in 16 count Aida... Hand dyed some time ago by me! The photo does not show the colour of the Aida very well at all... It's more like a browny yellow or sandy colour.

I am keeping all the bits inside one of the lovely gifts sent to me....from dear Sue (kiwikid). I love love love the things she made for me :) very useful indeed.

Oooh yes! Have to show you all something rather funny and silly that has stayed with me for a while now... Ha ha it is rather silly.


Yes a throw away coffee cup, the ones that come out of the vending machines..ha ha with coffee in! Ha ha but it's never had any coffee in, oh no! It would go all soft.  And what am I using it for? 

I needed somewhere to put all my thread cuttings when stitching...something I would not forget to use or misplace.  Ha ha a coffee cup! And why not? 


It works! Well for now anyway! I noticed it is rather looking tatty, scruffy and oddly shaped now :( so I will have to get my thinking cap on now, to think on what to put my thread cuttings in now? Have you any ideas? Oh I like different... See that way I will not forget to put them in it, and won't lose it or misplace it! Ha ha cannot wait to see what you all suggest! 

Well must get back to stitching!! 

Until I next pop by, remember to keep smiling :)


  1. Your Easter stitching is so very adorable.

  2. Love your latest flower and your new start! Very pretty. You need a thread catcher!

  3. Lovely stitching on the flower and I can't believe you have done all that on the new start too

  4. Jaquie: Love your stitching, how about gluing a piece of plastic inside the cup to give it more of a solid body, let me know if you do this.
    Do you need some of that green thread (3362), I get loads of thread and fabric and lots of crafts my family does not want I will send you thread of that color if you need it I have loads.


  5. Love your new start...and your flowers are so beautiful xx

  6. I visited Brighton when I visited England back in 1999 but I also adored nearby Hastings as well, the pirates cove and the flea market!Oh well. I miss England so much!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. http://thestitchingroom.blogspot.co.uk/2007/10/thread-holder-pattern.html

    I've seen one if these before Jacqui, perhaps you could make yourself one.

  8. I use a little tin for my daily ORTS and decant them into a glass jar for the monthly photo session.
    Love the Easter pattern, you'll be prepared for my Easter Blog Hop this year now.

  9. You should put them in a treasure chest lol! Cool design and lovely stitching :). I love the bunny she's adorable :)

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-sJa3A4wn8 have a look here Jacquie..you could make this in a flash!! Love Blushing Beatrice, so cute!! Wonderful you can use the sheep bags!!! makes me smile to see them. xx

  11. Good luck with the quilting project, you brave brave woman! I still fear my sewing machine.))
    You have a coffee cup - I have a coffee tin for my ORTs. Coffee...


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