Friday, 22 January 2016


Yipppeeee indeed! 
Hello happy smiley friends :)

I have something rather exciting to show you all....

Remember the lovely Little House Needleworks design I was stitching? Here is my journey... Ha ha excuse my naff photo taking! 

The chart...

Then off I started to stitch....

Finished and framed, oh not professionally.... I just 'stuck' it in there! 

I like how it looks with the pine frame, I am very happy with my finish.

I hope you like it too? 
I did like stitching this...but... Oh my word!! The house was almost torture! It went on and on and I never thought it would end! I had dear jon spurring me on from the side lines! Ha ha he was saying not much left, you can finish it! Go me!! 

I was thinking that my last few finishes have all had a lot of greens and Browns in... And guess what?! I am all green and brown out,.. meaning the next project I pick up I don't want to see those colours at least for a little while! Ha ha

I have had jon pulling out my stash from all over the house looking for a happy colourful design to stitch... I am sad to say we could not find one :(

So dear sweet friends, if you know of a colourful design you know I would enjoy stitching please leave a link... I will get jon on the case and spend my Christmas money on it! I do hope you can help... I need a colourful injection! Ha ha 

Oooh yes... Remember that Julie's name was chosen by the bucket of doooooo to be the next person to stitch the lovely Tralala design...this one...

Well I am happy to say that Han popped it in the post so it will be on its way :) I wanted to post it quickly as I was afraid of misplacing it somewhere.  I feel a little sad that I did not wait as I had no time to include anything with it in the package :( jon tells me it's fine as I have Julie's address and could post something later... This put a smile back on my face! So Julie if your reading this, apologies and I will get around to posting you a smile :)

Ok... Get your thinking caps on and post those links for potentially my next colourful project! I should say... OMG! Yes!! Not too big! Ha ha

Keep smiling until I next pop in! 


  1. What a fantastic finish, it looks great framed!
    Sometimes I look on Pinterest to get ideas for stitching - so much to look at!

  2. Congrats on the gorgeous finish Jacquie.


  3. WELL DONE!!!!! :-) Fantastic finish, it look amazing in the frame!! how about the little birds here??? Or this?? made me giggle...some days it doesn't take much!!! Yay Jon for being the encouraging/searching one!!

  4. Congrats on a lovely finish .
    Look at a nice Spring chart the colours are always bright or gentle.

  5. That is such a lovely design. I must put it on a wish list somewhere. I like how you've done the progress pictures. It looks fab in the frame you have chosen. As for a new project. I'm fairly new to your blog so I'm not entirely sure of your style but how about a satsuma street design as they're vibrant.

  6. Such a pretty finish
    Well done x

  7. What a beautiful finish! I like designs with houses but really hate stitching them.
    I was going to suggest a Satsuma Street too! Cloudsfactory and Tiny Modernist both do colourful designs. Also you could try The Floss Box. They are really good value fun designs.

  8. Yay! That looks so very good all framed up already! How wonderful!

  9. yay it looks really good, just have to find somewhere to put it now!

  10. Awesome finish! Well done! Perhaps one of the Country Cottage Needleworks Christmas ornaments? Or something by Brookes Books?

  11. Yay congrats it looks great! I have s couple of suggestions. First is one I'm working on which is Halloween banners by artecy. I separated each one so its like 4 mini projects. The other suggestion is the Christmas pals ornaments. There are 6 colorful designs :). Good luck choosing!

  12. Great finish. The frame is perfect too.
    I'd also vote for Satsuma Street. She did a freebie bird recently.

  13. Nice finish and I love the frame you put it in! AriadnefromGreece!

  14. It's a beautiful finish. Why not visit 123 stitch and just have a browse?

  15. Congrats on another beautiful finish.

  16. Wonderful finish!! As usual, you just ran through it and got it finished!! Looks great!
    You know that I would suggest anything Prairie Schooler to stitch!! Haha

  17. Check out Satsuma Street on Etsy.... really cute and colourful!

  18. Super finish, it looks fabulous in the pine frame, well done.
    The chart only is fine Jacqui, i'll think of you and your smiley face each time I stitch on it. xx

  19. I love so much coming here to see what you have going on. You're posts are always cheerful and full of beautiful colors. Thank you so much for sharing with us all.


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