Friday, 16 August 2013

Bet your wondering where I have been!?

(Borrowed from Google Images)

OK its true... I have been doing nothing! ha ha

No seriously I have been really busy trying to be all organized!  hmmm yes!

So been running around to the college, see I had an email from my fast track maths tutor to tell me I had passed my maths exam!! OMG I am thrilled!  And she thinking I should go straight on the GCSE course starting this September... eeeek!! 

If you are not aware I have complex SpLD's dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia and its a HUGE achievement for me to of passed this exam!  Apparently my certificate is in the post! 

So yes I have been going back and forth sorting that out and making sure I have a place on the course come September.  I still dont know as we all go on holiday Tuesday (20 th) so will have to wait until I get back to know for sure.

And running about for Hannah sorting out her funding for the next year of her course.  OMG... she had her first year result, she got a Distinction star!!! OMG!! How talented is she!!  So proud.  So she is all sorted and we have to wait now until the first week back for her to see how much has been allocated.  Stress!!

Oh and yes we are off on holiday!  So sorting out things, you know clothes, food!  That sort of thing!  Running here and there for Han too... dropping her off at friends then collecting her... I am the taxi remember!! ha ha ah

We have had a check list kind of thing to try to be more organized!  Its not really worked as we are no longer using it!  Jon had a problem with his wheelchair so we had to call the engineer out then wait for parts!  He now has new wheels and the brakes work :)

And some good news... I think I mentioned that I was thinking of moving Trevor in the bedroom... if I managed to sell some pine.. namely my dressing table.  Well I advertised it and I sold it today!  All go here!! So now when we are back off holiday that is what I will be sorting out... moving Trevor!

Oh yes and to de-stress myself I have been sewing loads.

OH YES... and I have been back and forth from the doctors.  They and I have no idea what exactly happened but my left eye just leaks... I mean its like I am crying!  Inside the house its not so bad, but outside I cannot see, it streams.  I have had washes, spays and 2 lots of antibiotics... its not so bad now I hope its clearing up.  I went back today to see the doctor and ooooh got to take more antibiotics!  hmmmm sure he has no idea and just prescribing them to me in hope it clears up!  Well I told him I would be back in after my holiday if it had not changed!

I added a few more photo's to the blast from the past blog post... they are shocking...just to warn you!!!

I have been eating healthily and running around like a complete nutter so I dare say I have lost more weight! ha ha  But I am not measuring or weighing myself until I come back.  I am feeling very positive and happy and cannot wait to go on holiday :)

Ha ha I found this!  It was taken in 1979 in Germany when I was 8 years old, the first and only time I have ever worn a bikini!! ha ha  I think that was the start of me getting larger...


Keep smiling :)

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  1. Congratulations on your results, ladies!
    Enjoy your holiday!
    Ruth C


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