Saturday, 10 August 2013

What I did no Saturday 10 th August 2013...

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I read this and thought YES!! I should repeat this every day! I already do it so saying it will affirm (is that a word?) what I am doing.

Saturday and what have I been up to... 

I was out first thing with Han and my parents, walking around our cricket pitch, where a car boot was taking place.

I am not sure where the sun has gone... a bit grey and over cast but still warmish.  (hmmm is that even a word?!)

What is it with me today and words?  Must be make-a-word up day today!! ha ah a ha

The it was back to the house pick up Jon and off to the gardens center and Hobby Craft for a look about.

Here is the garden center...Haskins... and our car!

And Hobbycraft... one of mine and Han's favorite shops... we could wander around inside for hours just looking at things!

 In the cafe in the garden center I had a lovely skinny latte with a cheese scone.  Han had a chicken and bacon long soft roll and Jon had a chocolate pastry twist with a cappuccino.

Some times its nice to have a change of scenery, hence the why we ended up in the coffee shop!  The coffee shop is Costa Coffee which I was VERY happy about as I do like a coffee or two from them.

Here is a very rare photo of Jon and I!!! These photos are really rare, I talk about Jon but no one ever sees him!  Well here he is!!   He is looking a bit odd.. Han startled him, all she said was look!  Jon looked round and 'snap'!! I however managed a smile!! :)

Looking at this photo of me I am thinking... hmmm I had better stop wearing those 3 quarter trousers and t-shirt as they are starting to look like I am wearing sacks!  No shape and loose fitting.... ooooh hark at me!!! Never thought I would ever say something looked like a sack on me!  That has to be Han.... drumming it into me saying I dont have to wear 'tent' clothing!!

Oh yes food!! For lunch I ate some salmon with broccoli and cauliflower steamed...

And for dinner later I have something cooking... on my new cooker!! ha ha

Its soup, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower and a tin of chopped tomato.

Its not ready yet!! It will take some time to cook and reduce down... hope it tastes nice?

Oh my!! I Love this and WILL be making it again.  I put it onto a big mug and sat with a t-spoon for what seemed ages eating this!  Its really tasty and I added ground black pepper when it was cooking so it has a little kick too.

I like this... and yes I am thinking this way!
(Borrowed from Google Images)

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