Friday, 9 August 2013

What I did today Friday 9 th August 2013...

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Today is another AMAZING day.... why you ask??!! 

Today I got weighed and.... I lost another 5 pounds! eeeeekkkk so happy :)

And today the cooker arrives... 

I chose this header today as I thought it VERY apt.... because I am!

Today thought I mix my food up a bit and this morning for breakfast I have had, whole wheat toast with baked beans.

I only just managed it... I am lets say topped up nicely and probably will be having a later lunch!  Note to self I think 1 slice of toast is enough on a morning!! 

What is with these photos?? I am jinxed I think.. I load them the correct way and OMG they turn out like this!!! hmmmmm

More later..... oooooohhhh cooker is here!!! photos.... later :)

Here is my lovely new cooker... just about to go cook in it..

So I have been cooking and I love the new cooker :)

I made wholewheat brown scones, topped with light clover and sugar free strawberry jam.

Do not worry I am drinking plenty today too.... I have had mint and green tea, red berry tea, coffee and now drinking a massive cup (never ending as Han keeps filling it up!) of sugar free blackcurrant juice with ice.

Not sure what is for dinner today... the cooker is great but I have been in there all afternoon! hmmmm Oh the novelty of something new!

OH my, I must tell you about this!  I keep forgetting... I wear 3 rings all on the same finger, a wedding band an engagement ring and an eternity ring.  Well I have nearly lost them several times... they are just so loose.  If I shake my hand you can hear them jingling and tehn they slip down my finger and fall off!  And on the same hand I have a watch on my wrist... its one of those expanding straps... well I dont need it to expand, it swivels around my wrist freely!! As well as new clothes I am going to need new jewelry!! This could be expensive!  But funny.

Dinner well I did not take a photo because I was that excited about I just ate it! oooppps! :(

Bet your wondering what it was?!

I have not had what had this evening in such a long time.... I had a quarter of a salami pizza with some crinkle cut chips covered in piri piri shake. 

I know OMG I ate chips and pizza!! ha ha ha

I have learned now that not to deprive myself of something, its fine in moderation.  I mean take it from me before embarking upon this new eating healthily thing I used to eat a whole massive pizza myself with a massive plate full of chips too!  So I really think I have come a long way... I can restrict myself, I know I dont need all that what I used to eat.

I am very proud of myself, at how far I have come.  A long way still to go but its a happier journey I am on now.  Learning all the way... 


  1. Well done on keeping up the shrinking! I hope you enjoy your new cooker.
    Ruth C

  2. ha ha thanks Ruth, never ever would of seen me as shrinking! Cooker is great, have some yummy low fat things cooking :)

  3. Such a happy entry, well done to you! The new oven looks fantastic.


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