Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Blast from the past...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I was looking through some photo's I found, and OMG look at this... 

This is Han and me on a day out to some park... I think Han is about 5 it was taken in 2001!! So so long ago...

I cannot believe that I was that big... like I say I have been huge all of my life and to me I cannot now understand why?  I mean I did not actually like being that big... I think it was a case of I liked my food too much to want to change.  But I am very sad at all those years I missed out on... you know not doing things I should of done. 

Time to change all that... not dwelling on the past... just wanted to share and show how being over weight affected all of my life.

I am still actually shocked at this photo... looking at it.  But feel happier with myself as I am now doing something about this.

I will see if I can find some more 'old' photos... I am finding this experience very therapeutic and happy as I will never go back to being like that again.

Ha ha... me all dressed up for a fancy dress outing at work, yes again with Han... 2005... just look at my face and that chin!  If you look closely you can see my stomach, it looks like I am pregnant!  Which I was not!!! Eeeeeekkk

Another shocker... OMG!! This one was taken on holiday in Tenerife so about 2001/2002 I think.. just shocking.  Again look at my face... 

Ha ha ha you can just see the blue checkered shorts I have on here... they are the ones that I refuse to throw out!  I have safety pins taking inches in on both sides now... and I love wearing them around the house as I think of this time when I only just fit in them!!! 

I found another photo of me wearing this.. Warning its terrible!!!

This is my daughter and mum it was whilst on holiday in Tenerife.

Another blast from the past... my brothers wedding.. look at my face and that chin! 

Next just a selection of me being fat! OMG!!! Why on earth did some one not tell me I was this big??? I am speechless...

I like this one as I am doing something I love... scuba diving :)   But just look at that cleavage!!  And I remember when I went into the pool they had to find extra weights to help weigh me down as I could not sink! hmmmm

Just shocking!! 

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