Thursday, 8 August 2013

What I did today Thursday 8 th August 2013....

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Yes another HAPPY day!! :)   Loving the way I feel, I wake up happy and each day for me now is a new challenge.  The challenge being... to be me!!  Yes its that simple!  I am now living how I want to... no 'fat' will hold me back!

Its a really nice day... but chores needed doing, so all the washing in the house including beds needed washing.  3 loads of washing later!! When will it end?! ha ha   Well at least I know everything will be clean!

Such a lovely day and I am inside... oh well cannot do everything when things need doing.  

My sewing is coming along nicely, I have nearly finished the center panel.  I love to sew, it takes all of my concentration and I drift off into my own world.

OK so what am I eating today...

I started with a nice cold glass of milk, and sliced apple, found that to be very refreshing.  Then my parents called so Jon and I met them down town for a coffee.  I had a skinny 1 shot favorite.

And lunch was 2 whole wheat ryvita with light Philadelphia and cucumber slices.  With an added experiment on top... sliced crab stick with a drizzle of thousand island dressing.  Different but nice :)

Dinner is my favorite...salmon covered with garlic and herbs with steamed carrots, cabbage with broccoli and cauliflower.

A lot of vegetables.... I just could not finish the last mouthful!

Doh, looks like the photo's are playing up again!  arrrgggh...

And had a lovely yogurt later...

Having now eaten dinner I can honestly say I really enjoyed that, so much that I may have to have it again soon!

Ooooh exciting stuff...tomorrow the new cooker is arriving... yippppeeeee a cooker!!!  Cannot wait.. I will take some photo's :)

Han is off to the hair dressers tomorrow with my mum... a quiet house again for a little while. Wonder what she is going to have done?  You never know with Han, she likes to experiment!

Hmmmm lets see... wondering what I am going to do?  Well apart from having to wait for the cooker to arrive.. which could be any time through out the day.... probably... nothing!!! Well OK... some sewing!

I will have to have a think about what to cook in my new cooker first??  Decisions decisions!!

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