Saturday, 3 August 2013

What I did on Saturday 3 rd August 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Its Saturday!! Another week gone!  Time when your not paying attention to it flies by...

Up early and prepared things for dinner today.... lasagna I think.  Dropped Han off at her friends and now Jon and I are in a quiet house.  Very odd not having Han about, so chilling and making the most of it!

I am still sewing, its a huge project so need to do a bit here and a bit there when ever I can, its coming on.

Made a new batch of yummy flavoured water.. cucumber, lemon, lime and mint leaves.

Made lunch...

Baked beans on whole wheat toast, with a new butter... seedburst from Clover.

I did not have breakfast as I was not actually hungry... I will be drinking plenty over the course of the day... then eat dinner this evening.

Feeling happy and smiley today.. love this so shared with you...

My mid afternoon snack...

A nice low fat yogurt with a small plate of chopped cucumber, banana and apple.

On with the sewing.....

And stopped for a few of these, the flavoured broken pretzels...

Lasagna is now in the oven.... the dilemma now is what to have with it??!!

On its own?

hmmmm.... I guess I will make a few chips for Jon to go with the lasagna, but for Han and I?? Interesting I think... have to wait until I post the photo I guess!! ha ha

WELL..... OMG....

As you know I had the lasagne in the oven... I went to check it and hmmmm the oven was up high and it was only luke warm... DAMN IT!!! the oven is broken!  :(

So quick call to my mum and she saved the day as I took the lasagne round there and used her oven! ha ha  She thought it was funny :)

Jon could not have chips!  No oven! ha ha ... he just had it by its self... no doubt eat more later?!

This is what I had...

Lasagne and cabbage.

So we have ordered a new oven...

This one..
Its delivery date is about the 9th, so basically a whole week without an oven!!! ha ha ha OMG!!!   Microwave meals it is!, or yogurt! h ah ah ha

Great end to my day!! 

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