Monday, 5 August 2013

What I did today Monday 5 th August 2013...

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Another Monday!! Gosh they come around quick!!  ha ha 

What have I been up to today?? Well I went into town today with Han..for a wander around and window shop.  Oh yes and for Han to drop her CV into random shops... one being the body shop...OH she would LOVE a job in there.. save me a fortune!! ha ha   She is just after weekends and evenings and the odd day she will be off college when she goes back.  A bit more Independence earning her own money.  Good luck to her! :)

So yes in town.... hungry... OH NO!!! 

So we thought about this rationally and did not want to go to Mac Donalds or a coffee shop so opted for Wimpy!! I know...  :(

So I ended up having a spicy bean burger, comes with a whole wheat bun!  And chips....

I cut it in half so you might be able to see the bean burger... hmmm oh dear!

I know what your thinking, I thought it too when they brought the plate!  OMG thats a lot!!!

This is what I left!...

Its incredible how I know when I am full now.. I kind of get a heavy feeling in my stomach and I know if I eat more I will just end up feeling sick, so I stop!  

I was talking to Han about this over our lunch... the fact that I cannot actually eat a lot now.  It is odd, when the plate came out I did think OMG that is a lot but then in the back of my mind  I still thought I would be able to eat it.  How on earth do I over come that??  I knew when I was full so there was no way I was going to eat any more.  It was as they say a case of eyes bigger than your belly... is that the saying??

I still think I need loads, not sure when I am going to realize I dont actually do??!!  This for me is really hard...

Its my own fault, all those years I abused my body, stuffing as much food as I could in.  And now I am paying for it as my head/mind still thinks I need to eat huge portions.  Ha but at least now I have come to my senses and realized I dont have to listen to my head/mind as I leave it when I am full!!!!  

OMG is this making any sense or am I just rambling!??!!

OK back home, catching up with house work and emails.. then before I know it, its dinner time!! Yippeee more food!!! Ha ha... its an addiction, we need it but sometimes I am just sick of it.


I plain chicken breast with broccoli, carrots, green beans and cauliflower all steamed.

A lot of veg, I took my time and ate this... all very healthy and tasty.

Feeling really good and happy, onwards and upwards! 

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