Monday, 5 August 2013

Getting there....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I was looking through some photos and thought OK maybe look at my clothes too... 

I bought some grey tracksuit bottoms a few months ago, to wear around the house.  The only ones I got to fit me were from Tesco mens department!! I know bad :(

When I bought them, I only just fit into them, they were very tight around the waist and literally stuck to me.  They looked more like leggings!  

Its a shame I never took a photo of me in them then!  I guess I was too ashamed...

This is now... sorry for the dark lighting, it was taken in Hans bedroom this evening!   

I actually like wearing them around the house now, they make me feel slimmer!  And same goes for all my t-shirts, they are slowly getting bigger! 

When its light I will have a to see if I can find any more 'big' clothes! 

I must tell you all that me looking at this photo it hardly seems possible, I am still struggling to accept that I have lost weight.. its only wearing clothes I used to that makes me accept this.  I guess its a lot for me to take in... that its actually working.... me losing weight that is!

I just hope the more I lose it becomes easier to accept and get my head around.. I had better because I am NOT going back to being 23 and half stone again...EVER!!!

OK so I found something else...

Went to wear my Cotton Traders rugby top and hmmmm!!  The last time I tried, yes tried to wear it was Christmas!! It was tight in the arms and really tight around my middle, that tight I would not contemplate wearing it! 

And now... well its very loose everywhere!  My arms are the shocker, I have big arms anyway but to feel the fabric move around my arms instead of it being tight... I am having a hard job getting my head around this!! And the fit of it is so much better... Han thinks its too big!

The first photo shows how much room I now have in it!!   And it was Han's idea in the 2nd photo to hold it back... a kind of fitted look!

Yes they were taken in Han's bedroom again! She thought the wall lacked something so is now busy filling it!! 

See what else I can find....

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