Friday, 2 August 2013

Keep bringing the good news....What I did today 2 nd August 2013...

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I am lets say VERY VERY happy today :)

OK so what have I done differently this week just gone...


I thought I would try something new, to get my confidence and self belief back...

I searched about and found a company called Pure Slimming...

I am probably the worst person out there in believing that taking a 'magic' pill every day will help me lose weight!  So yes this was going to take some convincing!

I followed the group on FB and they were running a competition... what did I have to lose!?  ha ha why not I thought!!

And the crazy thing is I won!! ha ha ha  

I had won a supply of African Mango Complex supplement... 

This is the jargon on them...
African Mango Complex

African Mango is the latest super fruit capsule taking the world by storm.
So after many debates with our manufacturer we have came up with the ultimate slimming pill! Our African Complex has been exclusively created for us, not only does it contain our best selling pure high strength African Mango but it also contains Raspberry ketone, green tea, acai berry and L carnitine which is the main active ingredient in our Metabolism XXX and many other fat busting ingredients.

This product has been proven to help melt the inches off the waist line!! Start on 1 a day either before breakfast or lunch with a large glass of water, no carbs after 5pm. After a week or so if you feel you need it you can increase to 2 tablets a day.

This is the all in 1 slimming product.

raspberry ketones 200mg, african mango extract 10;1 prov 1000mg, green tea extract 20;1 25mg providing 500mg, acai berry extract 5;1 50mg providing 250mg, acetyl l carnitine 100mg,microcrystalline cellulose,magnesium stearate,silica,size 0 clear hpmc veggie capsule shell

Take 2 daily, start off on one a day at breakfast or lunch with a glass of water, reduce salt and sugar intake and avoid carbohydrates after 5 pm, drink 2-3 litres of water a day. After a week or so build up to 2 a day if you need to.

What did I have to lose?!  I thought its natural it cannot hurt me... and why not?!  

So they arrived and I took them everyday, drank loads and ate what I would normally (see blog photo's).  As for exercise I visited my personal trainer twice, for 2 30 minute sessions and sure I have been walking and been doing normal house hold chores... washing, cleaning.... bending , stretching... nothing what I call major though.

I think the whole reason I decided to take these was to help restore my self belief in myself that I can still do this.  As you all know I recently went through a tough patch were I lost all my self belief and was on the edge of giving up.  I found something in me to carry on and for me taking the African Mango Complex supplement was going to help me feel good about myself again.

So yes ....

Went and got weighed and its shocking really....

11 inches lost and 9 pounds!!! :)

I am feeling really good about myself and its restored my self belief that I CAN do this.

I am actually seeing results.. my clothes are looser and I love it!! 

This losing weight thing is SO DAMN HARD.... OK I knew that BUT OMG!! I need this weight gone!!! I am not stopping until it has gone now!  Its like I have a renewed energy regarding losing the weight, I want to again, I want to get those wellingtons!

Oh yes the wellingtons... I have NEVER EVER fitted into a pair of wellingtons, and its my dream to buy and fit into a pair, thats all really!  Some what posh frocks, me, just wellingtons! ha ha 

 I can honestly say that I FEEL different..... different about my journey, back on it 100% now... I look back and think OK... yes losing weight is tough, but I am stronger than I have ever been and I can do this...

Watch me!!! :)

So onto food...

Breakfast...My water!!  Yogurt and banana :)


They look black but I assure you they are not! ha ha... its two small chicken breasts wrapped in turkey bacon with about a teaspoon of light Philadelphia inside (the middle).  With steamed carrots and broccoli.

I did not have any lunch as I was too busy in my parents garden experimenting with a few tents!  

When I got home I did try a handful of flavoured broken pretzels..

It was not all of these!! OMG no!! It literally was a small handful.  The flavors are, cheese, jalapeno and honey and mustard... all in one bowl! ha ha that was Han's idea!

I have been drinking a huge amount of water and sugar free blackcurrant juice today... I think I may be up all night! ha ha ha

This is SO true... I do feel stronger and I know I will do this.... why did I ever doubt myself?!!


  1. wow! keep it up - you're amazing!
    Ruth C

  2. Thank you... I still have a massive smile right across my face :)


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