Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What I did today Wednesday 7 th August 2013....

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I am happy and feeling good today!  Why you ask??....

I posted another picture of some clothes that are loose fitting!! Its in the blog post named ' Getting there' ... or here take a look...

This Cotton Trader top I have not been able to wear at all for a long long time!  Christmas I tried and it was extremely tight everywhere, arms, stomach and bust.  Now as you can see its loose!  

The second photo was Han's idea, to hold it back so it kind of looks fitted... a strange look for me as I have never worn anything fitted!

Not sure what my face is saying?  Happy then maybe OMG!! ha ha... 

So this is another reason why I am feeling rather happy today :)

I think now that I can see changes... its different.... and great!

Ok so food... what have I eaten today...

I had a glass of skimmed milk and a yogurt for breakfast today.

I really love these Danio super thick yogurts... they are really filling and I can only just manage one.  Hence a glass of milk with it!  (and yes I have ice cubes in my milk!)

Lunch was an easy choice, its becoming a favourite of mine...

2 whole wheat ryvita with light Philadelphia and cucumber (with cracked colored pepper)

Dinner is an experiment!! ha ha they always taste good but never look good!  We shall see....

OK so dinner... I have just eaten it and WOW!! It was really quite nice!  I sound surprised... I am!!

I cooked prawns and plain haddock fillet, added them to steam carrots, broccoli, mange tout, green beans, cauliflower, spring onion, chopped chilli, baby sweet corn.  The cooked 1 packet of prawn flavored noodles and basically mixed it all together with some chilli sauce.

If your wondering... its Han's finger!  Experimenting again with nail polish! ha ha ha 

I cannot believe how filling this was...maybe it was the noodles?  There is loads left so it looks like I will be eating it tomorrow as well! :)

Whilst sewing today in a world of my own I was thinking how my taste has changed.... I know I think about some strange things!  Well I used to have the biggest sweet tooth ever, everything had to be sweet and I would choose to eat sweets and cake over a meal!  WOW ... dreadful!!  

Now I really dislike sweet things.. so much that when Jon accidentally put half a sugar in my coffee I nearly threw up!  Seriously!! I really dont like the sweet taste any more.  I find this most shocking of all... I knew what I ate before!!  

I guess I am going to have to get used to things changing!... bring it on!! :)

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