Thursday, 1 August 2013

OMG!!! For a few reasons... What I did today 01 st August 2013....

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WOW.... over 6000 views to my blog since I started this journey... THANK YOU :)

And  hmmmmm ... not something I have shared before but I have a false tooth, its one of my front teeth!  Over the years I have had various work done on it and over a year ago I had a bridge fitted.  Now I thought that was it and I would have no more bother.... hmmm

I was doing nothing much really... eating the lovely wrap... in said lunch photo below and OMG I heard a loud crack!  My mum heard it across the table!! 

I knew instantly it was my tooth, I come over all light headed and thought the worst.  At that stage I was not sure what state my mouth was in... if it was reparable or not?

It was moving about a bit and it was very uncomfortable and starting to throb.  My parents, Jon and I had just not long met up!  We all just happen to be at the hospital today!! ha ha Jon had an appointment and mum had a cardio appointment... so we arranged to meet at the cafe afterwards.. that is where we were when it happened!

So yes... Jon and I left and went straight to the dentists... whilst waiting outside to go into the dentist my whole bridge fell out!! That was it, no tooth and could not pronounce words,not even my name!  Jon told the receptionist what had gone on and that I needed some help!  It was not looking good... they were fully booked.  Then luckily there was a patient that did not turn up so I took their slot and walked straight in to see the dentist.  I mean what are the chances of that!!!??

The dentist was very nice and I was very appreciative of being seen so quickly.... they filed the cement down, re-applied more cement and here I am back at home :)

Apparently the longer I can tolerate no hot or cold temperatures in m mouth the better chance it has of bonding.  hmmmm

Yogurt it is then!!! ha ha ha 

I drinking my drink with a straw... and the scrambled egg I ate I had to let go cold and then place at the back of my mouth to chew and swallow! 

I dare say all I will be eating later will be yogurt! 

Lovely cup of lemon green tea from a coffee shop....

Here is the 'said' tuna sweetcorn wrap I ate for lunch...

Luke warm scrambled egg!...

More to follow later...probably photo's of yogurt! ha ha ha

Yup... yogurt!! 

Oh and this is my drink.... 

Strawberries, lemon, lime, cucumber and mint :)

Cannot hardly wait until tomorrow.... some really interesting news to share :)

Has to be tomorrow as its exactly 1 week since I tried it... 


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