Sunday, 4 August 2013

What I did today... Sunday 4th August 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

First day without a cooker!!! ha ha ha 

Very odd, if I had wanted to cook a lovely Sunday roast or dinner it was just not possible!!  One way of getting out of the cooking!  I mean not having a working cooker!! ha ha ha ha

Luckily we do have a microwave, slow cooker, mini oven and toaster!  I was sure that something could be whipped up!


Wholewheat toast (done in the toaster) with seedburst butter, 6 fish fingers (cooked in the mini oven) and beans (heated in the microwave).

OH damn it!! I have tried everything to turn this photo around... nope its just not playing... so just tilt your head a little! :)

Its true I did not have any breakfast again... not feeling it as Han says! ha ha

I ate the brunch around 11.30 am and its now almost 6 pm and I am still not hungry!  What do I do?  

Do I make something healthy (within my cooking abilities) now or wait until I get hungry?


Dinner was nothing special, fancied some soup!  ha ha easy done in the microwave!

Its a tin of Heinz Lentil soup... just sheer yummy in a tin :)

I did actually eat a few whole wheat cracker bread with light Philadelphia in too... and 2 low fat yogurts... 

anyone would think my camera/phone was broken and not my cooker with the lack of photo's going on here!! 

No excuse really...just plain forgot and ate them then realized I should of taken a photo! 

Like I say..... hmmmmmmm!

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