Sunday, 11 August 2013

What I did today Sunday 11 th August 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well yes today is a VERY lazy day!! I am just not up to much at all.....  Well OK I was up and out early... I know I am crazy!! 

I went round my parents home to pack the pool away... should of taken my phone to take a photo of the lovely 'crop circle' its left behind!  

Then the heavens opened!!! OMG the rain... I love the rain but OMG!! Its always the way when your trying to do something!  I managed to pack in away in their garage, until we need it again....ooohhh maybe when UK gets another heat wave!! ha aha

I was laying in bed last night thinking... I do that often when my mind will not switch off.  And well I have decided to move some furniture around... oh not then!! Just thinking about  it right now!  Well at the moment Trevor (the treadmill) is in the living room, by the window... Han and I both agree we dont like it buy the window!  hmmmm so we needed to find a new home for it.  So I am going to put it in my bedroom... after moving some furniture and selling a few bits of pine!  Well I have way too much pine in my bedroom.

That is the plan... not sure how we are going to move Trevor yet?  He does fold up, he has hydraulics to help... but it will be the moving bit, not sure if it fits through the doors folded?  Hmmm if not then we will have to contact the lovely people who put it together to move it!  Only option if that is the case!  See now you have a glimpse of what goes on in my head! ha ha ha

I found this photo of me... I kind of like it.  It was taken on the steps of an amphitheatre in Tarragona Spain a few years ago.  I like it because it shows me thinking... 

Not sure I like my face though... I remember when it was taken, lovely blue sky and well I just like it.

What I have eaten today...

A rather odd day when it comes to food... just not hungry or wanting anything. 

I had a bowl of shreddies with skimmed milk... (Damn side wards photo's!)

So I ate some of my yummy soup and some ryvita with light Philadelphia spread on. (sorry its side wards)

So my sewing, the thing I am spending a lot of hours on...

Its my latest sewing project, I have the series of these and this is the 2nd to last one I have to do... having already completed 4 different ones.  

Its coming together slowly.

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