Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What I did today Tuesday 6 th August 2013...

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This is very true... all of my life I have looked at myself as fat.  Fat has stopped me doing things I have wanted to do.  I have never looked at it as I have fat... 

I think society no matter where you are plays a huge part in this, even if I felt fine with my fat (which I never did!) society made it sure it was wrong for me to be so big.  On many levels too... from looks and comments from people, to shops you can buy clothes in, to chairs you sit in and to feeling guilty buying cake or other fattening foods as people where judging you (so you thought!).  Yes its fair to say being fat has rules my life... and that is how I see it.

So now if I change this around and say I have fat but its not who I am... this turns everything on end!  If I have fat then I can and WILL get rid of it!!  And I think that is the key... where as before I thought fat ruled my life because it was me.

Oh now that WAS deep for first thing on a morning! ha hah ah 

Today I wanted to start my day a bit differently so I made a milk shake!  Still no cooker (Friday is getting nearer!!) so have to start experimenting I think!! 

Milk shake it was!! :)

So I use skimmed milk, added 1 banana and 'blitzed' it all!  I have a bullet, its basically a blender, a small one that you can attach a jug on and single cups.  Its really quite handy.  I have previously made salad dressings in it and chopped things.

Today it was banana milk shake

Now how yummy does that look!! And believe me it tasted yummy too... and it was filling.  May be drinking these until the cooker comes as it was quick and simple!  I think a little while ago I tried a shake on a morning... liking it now!  Have to see what other flavors I can experiment with!?  Cucumber??? hmmm maybe a little research needed! ha ha 

What am I up to today...

Erm.... not a lot! ha ha 

I should explain in case some of you are wondering!  I do not work, I did work... I worked full time as did my husband.  Then in 2010 he had a works accident and injured himself, so much so that he now needs a carer and a wheelchair to get about.  I guess you could say its turned our life upside down.  But we manage... so I am his carer.  I run about doing all the chores within our home, the shopping... cooking, cleaning.. the driving.. well everything really.  Han helps out amazingly, she is like my secondary carer and sometimes I dont know what I would do without her. 

So every day I do the 'usual' things, in between I have pockets of me time... where I can nip out or sew or what ever really.  I have got used to it now, but it was very hard at the start. 

Because our situation has changed so much and unfortunately we had to ask the state for help, Jon is now on benefits due to his disability.  I only receive carers allowance.... which is not even the minimum wage.  Things at times are tough and tight but we some how cope... well you have to, dont you!

Because we do claim benefits I dont like the way 'some' people judge us... ( I say this because recently a neighbours gardener was very rude to us, bordering on abusive) they do not know our circumstances, they dont know what we have gone through. This is the first time either of us have claimed benefits and to be honest if we could do something about our situation we would.  Unfortunately Jons condition is not getting better... so I doubt very much he will ever return to work again.  But I am not sad about this, it means we get to spend time together everyday.  

I think it funny the topics I write about, they must be on my mind...

I think some more sewing is in order today! 

Afternoon snack...

2 whole wheat ryvita with light Philadelphia and sliced cucumber.

Been relaxing whilst I could... been doing more sewing :)

I prepared the dinner earlier this morning... chicken in the slow cooker cooking nicely in a supreme sauce.  And vegetables all chopped ready to steam.... looked at doing some brown rice in the microwave... if it cooks!! ??

So yes...time flies...


Carrots, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower with brown rice and 1 chicken breast in a herb casserole sauce.

Now I really liked this, the rice was a good filler, and to have sauce was a nice treat.  I try to not have it too often, so its nice when I do have it.  

Reflecting on the day I am and have been full all day... I have not once felt or been hungry, that is a good thing.  I certainly do not need a lot of food now to keep hunger pangs away!  

I am continuing to drink my flavored water...

Cucumber and mint...

And just mint too... I have no idea why I never thought of doing this before? 

Had an apple too...
Cut up 1 apple really thinly and looked like loads!

I saw this and thought...hmmmm it is within myself!  I AM doing OK, trying my hardest and I HAVE changed my way of thinking so hence I AM happy!! :) 

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