Sunday, 5 October 2014

Around The World Blog Hop....

Hope you dont mind Kim but I have posted today Sunday as I am busy Monday and dont want you to think I was not taking part :)

A few days ago I received a delightful email form Kim asking if I would like to be a part of an Around The World Blog Hop.... well why not indeed I thought!

Firstly Thank You Kim from Wisdom with Needle and Thread blog for thinking of me and naturally knowing I love to join in on things!

Kim answered some great questions so I thought I would have a go...

1. What am I working on?

Now well... this is a tricky question I think!  hmmm OK!  I am almost finished working on my next partners stitch for the Round Robin.  Sorry it is a secret until my partner receives it.. so I cannot share how I am getting on.  I mentioned its a tricky question as technically I am 'working' on several projects! ha ha Pictures?  Sure everyone likes to see pictures!

Working on these...

A Blue Ribbon Design called "Find Your Happy Place"...

I really love everything about this design, the words makes so much sense to me!  Lovely words like the ones I singled out :)

Sure I have other things I am working on but this is the one at the top of my list!

2.  How has stitching helped me?

I  thought this a rather interesting question to pose... see stitching has taught me many things.  Its true I am self taught and probably have many many bad habits hee hee But the main thing is that I enjoy what I am doing.  Stitching actually makes me smile and I really enjoy doing it.

I have gained patience... when I stitch I am like another person in my own little world.  It brings a sense of calm to my world and I think its the repetitiveness of stitching crosses that I love. I still to this day sometimes cannot believe I create the things I do!

It also helps with my maths.. hmmm yes well I have dyscalculia.. a kind of number difficultly.  And counting as I do when I stitch.. making sure I get the right size fabric to stitch on (OK Jon does check!).  

Stitching gives me my space, see being at home 24/7 caring for my husband I needed something to do.  Stitching fills that gap!  Its something I do for me... and enjoy it.

3. Have I tried other crafts?

I though this would be an interesting question to ask.. some of you know I love to experiment!  Well other crafts... sure I tried crotchet..hmmm not very good at that, but gave it a go..


I gave it a go.... but found it so hard :(

I also tried hexi-making ... this I want to do more of and eventually making them into a quilt.  Or maybe making a quilt using other methods.

here are some of my hexi's..

I just keep adding to this!  Not sure what to do with it!

I also tried squares too.... put them together and backed it with a fleece blanket.  It lives on my stitching can just see it..

I love to experiment and learn new things, I know sometimes my projects dont turn out so well... but I give them a go!  And as many of you have seen on my blog .. I love to experiment!

4. Why do I create what I do?

This is another great question I think.. see something has to drawn me to what I stitch and create.  By that I mean something about the design or the colours... or both!  Like many of you out there I am sure you stitch projects you think you will enjoy?

Some projects I look at and think WOW! This one will be a challenge... I love that as I love to 'have a go'.  Colour actually draws me to things and yes cute things! ha ha  Recently I have stitched a lot of Blue Ribbon Designs.... simply because I love them!  I would stitch them all if I could!  The colours in each project just smile to me and make me feel happy... you will have to get used to me stitching Blue Ribbon Designs as I am sure I will be doing many more in the future!

I guess I love to make things as at the end I can see I have made something... ans for me a huge sense of pride too.

I basically stitch what makes me happy!  And as for finishing.. I just go with the flow!  I am pretty useless at choosing colors that go together... but think that is improving the more I put colours together.  I like to create 'odd' things and try to push myself in making something new.  So I can make little pillows but like to now change how I put them together.  Ot maybe my next item to create is a biscornu... I am yet to make one.... I keep putting it off as I think it may be too much of a challenge for me? hmmm   But will get around to it as I say ... I like to experiment! ha ha a

OK so that was me....

Time to pass this onto another person(s) so that it carries on around the world.. hop hop hop hopping!

I would like now to introduce you to wonderful people I have got to know through this wonderful blogging world.  They are wonderfully talented and each create beautiful things.  I have contacted them and they have agreed to join in :)  They will post their around the world hop on Monday 13th October... be sure to take a visit to their blog :)

I would like to Thank You all for popping in and reading my part of the Around The World Blog Hop :)  It was actually fun to do :)

Remember now go see June and Frances! But remember their little bit will be on their blog on Monday 13th October :)

Wonderful.... keep smiling everyone :)



  1. I find that with stitching I use it to calm me down. The repetitive counting is very soothing. Your blue ribbon design is gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful, delightful post, Jacquie! thank you for sharing a little more about your life, stitching and challenges. I loved it -

  3. Great post Jacqui. I think a lot of ladies use stitching as a therapy.

  4. This was a really interesting post Jacquie, I too use stitching as a calming activity after long, busy days. Great stitching too!
    Best wishes.

  5. I loved learning a bit more about you Jacquie. And seeing your space too. How is Mrs. Norris these days? :)

  6. Wonderful to learn a bit more about your Jacquie. You are very adventurous when it comes to trying new things which I admire, since I tend to be a bit chicken about that. Love your hexy quilt!! I've always wondered that too about when to end them! As for crochet, it is tricky, but after practicing your fingers will learn to crochet with muscle memory. I think I feel the same as you when it comes to knitting! Hugs!

  7. Thanks for sharing with us , It is great getting to know you more .
    looking forward to my bit soon, wishing you a happy week.

  8. A very interesting post about your and your hobbies. I do love your hexies quilt, it has such an assembly of nice colours.

  9. Great answers to the questions. You are very adventurous in your experiments, it's good to try new things but I always come back to cross stitching.


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