Saturday, 18 October 2014

Relax... I dont think that is a word I know?!

Well what a few days I have had!

First of all I would just like to say Thank You ever so much for your kind wishes and support during this rather tough time I am having right now.

I really cannot believe what has been happening lately with my family...

A little up date...

Dad.... well he is now back on the cardiac care unit and they have said basically the stent they put in recently to clear the blockage has not worked and his condition is back to where he was when he was admitted over a week ago now.  Again we will not find out what they intend on doing with him until Monday... unfortunately weekends in our local hospital is very slow and nothing gets done!  But he is in the best place and although he does not want to be there he understands he has to stay there!

Mum.... She has now recovered from her cold symptoms and now I have to keep an eye on her as she has a heart condition too and stress is really not good for her.  So I am worried about her, especially if dad has to have some surgery as I know she will worry.  Her back is bearable at the moment, but she does have a wheelchair to use if it gets worse.  My mum is very independent and keeps telling me I dont have to run her about... erm!! What!! Of course I am going to run her about... to take some stress off her!  Its no bother to me to take her to the shops and hospital... I told her I am going anyway and invited her!  That did the trick!

Han... OMG!! What can I say... Han is having a real tough time right now.  She was taking pain medication, an increased dose.  She stopped taking them all Thursday evening as they seemed to make her physically sick.  So now she is on no pain relief ... only using a hot water bottle.  Han's back is still causing her a lot of pain and she is really not coping very well at all with it.  Today I told her to stay in bed.  Yes after we got back at 5 am this morning form A&E!  We called the 111 health concern line for advice and their ambulance technician told us to go to A&E.  However the doctor there really was not concerned at all... Han literally was white as a ghost, with still feeling sick and she said her arms were feeling heavy and as if they were not hers.. her grip  and function was not working properly either.  The doctor excluded the 'major' things and basically said not to worry and go home and try to relax and heal.  So that is what we did... I think with all the stress and pain Han is under her dyspraxia condition may be presenting itself more?  Its the only thing I can think of.  Monday I am contacting her doctor and insisting on an appointment so that they can asses her and try to get her pain under control.  I dont like to see Han in pain, its tough to see and I just feel so helpless.. wish I could take the pain away.

Jon... Actually Jon is just the same!  He is being a darling honestly, with all I am going through he has never once complained or said he has wanted something. With the daily pain Jon is in and the difficulties he faces I think I am so lucky to have a husband like him.

Me... Well where do I start?  I am worn out and seriously need some energy and hours in the day from somewhere.  I spent all day Friday in the hospital with my dad, home at 11 pm and back to the hospital with Han at 1 am ... back home  at 5 am and to bed.. back up today (saturday) and collected my mum to go visit my dad in hospital.  When coming our of the hospital today I had a wave of sickness come over me and was erm... sick everywhere :(  No idea what caused it?  Back and now trying to 'chill' at home, still feeling rather sick... not sure what is causing it but I will mention it to the doctor.  Han is trying to take it easy in bed and J0n is taking it easy too.  I am gong to try to get an appointment at my doctors tomorrow to see about those iron injections, I can but ask!  I know I have to look after myself but its hard when there is just me to do all the running about...

So that is the up date!

As far as stitching goes, hopefully the next post I do will have some photo's of a new project I am doing!?  Lol if nothing else happens! 

OK hope your all OK and happily stitching away?  

Goodness yes...

Congratulations to Kim form Wisdom with Needle and Thread...

Just like to welcome baby Ronin into the world :)

Wonderful news!

Smiles :)


  1. Oh, Jacquie - you are so sweet to wish such wonderful congratulations, especially with all you are going through right now. Many, many thanks.

  2. Yes, I saw little Robin's picture. =)
    How about every stay put and rest and sleep and get well!! Oh boy! Such troubles! Breathe deeply Jacquie! Good for you insisting for Hannah!

  3. Oh, Jacquie, I am sure that you being sick is a sign of stress - you need to be relaxing today, too. I know it is hard but remember, if you get really ill there will be no one to help all of the others in your family. Please take care, my dear and my prayers and thoughts are with you all. hugs, Kaye

  4. Jacquie, we are so sorry to hear of the illness in your family. We are positive thoughts to you, husband Jon, your Mom, your Dad, and Han. Hopefully on Monday morning, the doctors will decide how to best help your father's heart condition. Thinking of you and sending many blessings that the burden of stress will soon be lifted. Take care of yourself, Jacque, with best wishes from Marina and Daryl

  5. Oh, no! You have really been having a terrible time! (everyone has!!)
    I hope things can certainly get better quickly! I'm so sorry that this has been a REALLY rough time! Maybe the doctors will be giving good news very soon! I sure hope Han, your dad, your mom, your husband, and YOU are improved quickly! Keep us posted!

  6. Oh dear Jacquie, I feel for you . You are not having a good time right now.
    Try and relax yourself too , your family need you . So you need allot of rest .
    Hope things get better soon for all, sending Hugs & XXX.

  7. Oh gosh you are having a tough time lately. Keeping all you and all your family in my thoughts.

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon! Take care of you so you are able to take care of your family. Thinking of you!

    Robin in Virginia

  9. Your body is telling you to take it easy, too much stress!!
    Really hope everything goes back to "normal" for your all soon xx

  10. So sorry to hear about the tough time you and your family are haing right now. No wonder that you are stressed out and feeling sick. I hope the doctors will be able to help.

  11. Hang in there but do take some time out for you - you need to keep a little sanity to help everyone else. Hope you've all got appointments with the Dr's soon. Take care; big hugs xxx


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