Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hello friends... 

Its still Thursday here right now...just!  Its 11.27 pm... 

Sorry I was not here yesterday, I seemed to of caught a sickness bug :(  I think I am getting over it now, thanks to some anti-sickness tablets.

I have managed a little more of my pumpkin stitch.. its not finished as I had hoped...  but its very close.

Here is how the pumpkins are looking now....

I am very happy with the way this design is looking so far...  on the home straight now, just the flowers to do :)

If I am feeling OK tomorrow I am really hoping to get it finished.

Tomorrow being Friday its time again for....

I do like participating in these, its just an amazing feeling I will be stitching or creating the same time as a lot of others all over the world... awesome ...right?!

Like I say its still Thursday here so if you would like to join in I am pretty sure you can... here is the link to go see... HERE.

Oooh yes something else to share with you... I made a lovely stir fry... lovely fresh vegetables and noodles in a kind of chilli light sauce.  And oooh yes!  No it was not this that made me poorly!  I know its a bug as Han had it first!  And somehow gave it to me!

Here it is....

It was really really tasty and I enjoyed it lots... so much so that I will make it again  :)

I hope your all well and want to Thank You all for popping in and visiting me, its very nice to see you all :)

Happy stitching...

Smiles :)



  1. Feel better - lovely progress on the pumpkins!

  2. I do hope you are feeling better very soon, love the pumpkins, so bright and pretty.
    Food looks yummy.


  3. Feel better {hugs}
    Happy stitching with your virtual friends in blogland xx

  4. Hope you feel better really soon Jacquie x

  5. I hope you feel better already Jacquie. Your food looks very delicious. :)


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