Monday, 6 October 2014

Weather....and..... happy things!

Hello my lovely friends..

Today I had to go on a little journey... half way up the country to Leicester.  Its where my mum's sister lives.

She heard yesterday that due to a really bad infection in her leg, that has not healed because of her diabetes.... she now has to have her leg amputated.  Naturally my mum dropped everything to go spend some time with her.

It was then my dad's task to take her up there and travel back.  I feel its rather a long way to go all in one trip so instead of my dad being alone on the return journey I went with them.  And yes kept my dad company the way back :)

Now as I am usually the driver and do not sit in the backs of cars... I got a little car sick!  Here is my view in their car!  No wonder I was not feeling well! 

The weather started out fine when we set off... then turned to an awful trip.  The visibility was really bad and as the road was filling up quickly with rain water the spray off the traffic was very bad.

When we set out...

Then to this...

The sky went all dark and it got really bad.

Then there was the heavy traffic on the way back.... I seriously think that English people love queuing!

Happily I am pleased to say we made it back in one piece.  A lovely few photo's of 'lovely' English roads! ha h ah

OMG!!! OMG!!

Well when I got home I had Han and Jon... yes both of them shreeking at me as soon as I walked in!  Why your wondering?  Because I had post ... not just any post!  Post from USA!! A rarity!! 

Now I sat down and looked at my packet... even before opening it and I felt this massive smile just emerge on my face... Han was shouting who is it from?? Well its from a wonderful person I have got to know through blogging... and I feel a lovely friend too :)

Thank You ever so much Kim for sending me a lovely thoughtful package.  I am blown away by your kindness and thoughtfulness too :)

I said a little while ago due to my anemia, as currently its really bad... I have been having a lot of difficulty seeing the holes in the linen fabric I have started some of my projects on.  And as it turns out this coming Wednesday I have to go for blood tests as I am not having little dizzy spells too, I think its all connected to my anemia.

So yes the lovely Kim sent me some... well a wonderful assortment of different coloured Aida.  I feel so happy and grateful to have such a wonderful friend.

Here look...

With a delightful note that says "Keep yourself surrounded by stitches"... how lovely :)

So after being spoilt with this lovely selection.. I guess I should start a new stitching project!  Watch this space as they say!! ha aha ha 

Talking of stitching... I am almost finished my next partners Round Robin design.  Not a lot left to do on it... 


Oooh the thrill of starting a new project... EXCITING!!!

And one more thing.. if your signed up to participate in the Traveling Treasure Chest with Kim over at Wisdom with Needle and Thread... OMG! Its exciting!  Well the Chest is on the move!  Its off to the first pirate!  Oooh wonder what booty she will choose? Then onto a new pirate!  Told you it was exciting!

Thank You all very much for popping by my little blog :)  I am smiling today... with...




  1. Sorry to hear about your Aunt.
    Looks like you had the weather we had last night .
    What a lovely friend Kim is hugs.

  2. Sorry to hear about your auntie.

    The weather was awful wasn't it. I was helping my friend out at her open day for her wool shop and I got rather wet walking there. I fought with my brolly all the way!

    What a wondeful, thoughtful package from Kim.

  3. Sorry to hear about your aunt..
    Kim is a sweetheart xx

  4. Best wishes to your Aunt for a speedy recovery, I hope all goes well for her.
    You could have called in for coffee with me lol.
    Super parcel you came home too after your bad weather journey.

  5. So glad you liked the package - take care of yourself - hugs to you and your family

  6. So sad about your aunt. Thinking of you and your family while she goes through the surgery and everything.xx
    Kim is just a sweetie, so kind of her. And great for you :) I can't wait to see what you'll be stitching next!
    I've signed too for the Treasure Chest and I'm so looking forward to it coming my way :D
    Hugs xxoxo

  7. Oh dear. Hearing of your aunt makes me worry about my own mother. She is diabetic and does not take care of herself well at all. Just never has.
    Kim is a true, sweet friend.

  8. So very sorry to hear about your aunt's surgery. I know it meant a lot to her to have your mother with her. What terrible weather! I always want to stay home, closed up in the house when the weather is bad!
    That's a lovely, kind package from Kim--you'll get lots of stitching done now!
    Have a nice day!

  9. So sorry to hear what your aunt has to go through. Good for her that she has your mon at her side.
    What a lovely friend Kim is, such a sweet package to send.

  10. So sorry to hear about your aunt, but how lovely to have her family rally round like that.
    What a lovely present from Kim too. What counts of Aida do you prefer? I sold a lot recently but I may have some left you would be welcome to.


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