Wednesday, 8 October 2014

been busy...

Hello my friends....

Here we are again...

I have been busy stitching away and trying to relax and re-coop some of my energy.  My iron is taking forever to replenish this time, I just feel so tired all the time.

Today I had to go and see Dracula!  Yes the blood people, to check my levels.  I am having a new symptom, dizzy spells.. I get them without warning and they are quite frightening.  I have never had these with my anemia before so the Doctor is running a few other tests too.  So now I have to wait for the results... ha ha when ever that may be as they dont seem to rush here!

Oooh look at my arm... they took the blood from the outside of my right arm, just up from the elbow.  And well this just shows how easily I bruise!  And the bruise is not where she put the needle in either!

So after that eventful morning I then had to run Han around in the car to a few places to get supplies for college.  One stop was Hobbycraft!

I took this whilst sat in my car, I managed to park right outside the doors!

Right next door to Hobbycraft is the garden centre... so we ventured inside and were astonished to see Christmas decorations!  Really pretty Christmas trees... and yes we stopped for a coffee!

close up...

and this one...

I really did not know where to look at all.... 

Oh but I did find this....

A lonely turtle... 

Yes its a boot scraper... but still rather cute!

And ooh Han saw something too that just had to come home! She said she just simply could not leave it all alone in the shop so she bought it! hmmmm  Apparently its called Cecil the Sloath!

Then she said just look at it... its smiling!  So that clinched it really... she bought it!  And now lives in her bedroom!

I have been stitching!

I managed to complete a project!  I know crazy... me completing a project!? ha ha 

But yes I really did!

I started a wonderful design from Blue Ribbon called "Acorns and Owls".  I just loved the autumny (is that a word?) colours... I did have to change a few... as I did not have the recommended ones.

Here is how it started and finished...

You may notice I stitched it on one of the wonderful aida pieces Kim sent me :)  I put the piece of white paper next to it so you could see it is not white aida I am stitching on.

What do you think? 

I really think it looks very autumny (there is that word again!) Now I guess to decide how to finish it?

And onto another project I guess...

Hope your all well and happy stitching.

Smiles to you all, and Kim, hope you like what I stitched on one of the pieces of lovely aida you sent me :) 



  1. Lovely finish!! Take care of your health.

  2. Hope your arm feels better .
    Love your new stitching very colourful.

  3. Hope you feel better soon
    Lovely finish x

  4. I LOVE what you stitched!! It looks fabulous. Take care of yourself -
    P.S. Cecil made me smile :)

  5. What a fantastic finish. That first Christmas tree is my type of tree. If only the men in this house would go for a pastel pink tree!!

  6. Beautiful sampler finish, it looks so seasonal! Great choice of colours :)

  7. So sorry for your heatlt issues---
    The sampler stitching looks lovely !!

  8. The sampler is beautiful and very... autumn-like. yes. :)
    Hang in there, take care of yourself.

  9. Jacquie, Take care of yourself, to eat a lot of spinach.
    I wish you a speedy recovery, and healing arms!
    What beautiful colors! Fall is beautiful:-)

  10. Oh nasty bruise! Look after yourself Jacquie & get that iron up! I had a transfusion last year because mine was so low, it turned me orange for a couple of days until my body adjusted!!

    Beautiful stitching as always, that's a lovely sampler x

  11. Stop with the Christmas!! We haven't had Hallowe'en yet!
    Would Hannah like a younger man as a boyfriend? I'm sure she would be perfect for my son, he bought a plush dodo when we were in London last week! She might have to wait about six years for him to finish school though LOL.
    Love your Autumnal stitching, those owls are so cute and your needles are very speedy!

  12. Love your stitching Jacquie. I do hope all goes well with your health. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  13. Ooohh--your poor arm looks like it's hurting! I hope you can get better really quickly. I know you're tired of dealing with this!!
    I LOVE the Christmas trees! I get weak at the knees when I see beautiful decorations!!! It's rather early, but they are so pretty!!!
    Your stitching is great--I've seen that pattern before! So cheerful and bright! Love it!

  14. Great finish, I love the colours too, perfect for the season :) I hope you feel much better soon, sounds like you need lots of cuddles with Cecil the Sloth!
    Best wishes.


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