Thursday, 23 October 2014


I am sorry I have not been around for the past few days but I have been taking it easy..

I have a few things to share with you all, one really exciting thing!!

OK... well like I say I am sorry for not being around but I have been trying to relax, not actually doing a very good job at it as I have still been needed to do and go places.

Han is still off college, its been over a week now due to the pain in her back.  On a more positive note for Han, today I took her to the physiotherapist and has some gentle exercises to do.  I hope they help her in the long run... she is to go back in 2 weeks.  Next week is half term and Han's tutor has emailed her some work to do at home, Han is thrilled!! 

So that is Han!  You will all be pleased to know that my dad is doing fine, after his re-admission to the cardiac ward and a re-jiggle with his medication he is on the mend now :)  And yes at home again...fingers crossed he gets stronger every day.  My mum is fine too, she has a little stiffness in her neck but other than that is ok too :)

Me... well yes my anemia is really bad right now and I am trying to help myself by taking my Spatone Apple iron supplements but they only do so much.  I have had more blood tests at the doctors, and yes they are monitoring me.. my last blood result was 4.. the doctor says that between 11 and 12 would be good but ideally would like to see around 20!  And I have a count of 4!! Eeeek!!

I have been trying to stitch.. yes I have done some!  In between hospital and A&E visits!  Hopefull a lot more stitching will be done now as everyone is on the mend!  

I know my round robin stitch has now been received so I can now show you it ...  

Its a design called "The Earth Laughs in Flowers" a Heartstring Samplery design by Beth Twist.

I stitched it on 25 count Lugano white evenweave... and yes it took me ages!  Saying that though I really enjoyed it.  And I am pleased to say my Round Robin partner loved it too :)  Naturally I sent some 'happy' bits too inside the package with this stitch.

Oooh yes something else to tell you all about... I am REALLY excited about...

Tomorrow is open day at the college for the B A (Hons) Textile course I want to start next September.  I am going to have a look around and see what I need to show them and what to expect at the interview if I get one!  Funnily enough one of the degree tutors is Han's tutor!  Yes I have already met her and she knows me! ha ah ha On Wednesday when its Han's day off she teaches on the degree course!   I will take some photo's and share with you my visit :)

OK.. back to the stitching!!

Smiles to you all .... and Thank You all so much for your thoughts and support :)



  1. Nice to hear some better news from you.

    That RR piece is gorgeous, I love over one stitching so much. It does take a little longer but looks so amazing! I bet the recipient is so happy with her piece.

  2. I agree with Jo completely. It looks fantastic!
    What nice, happy news today.

  3. Hello Jacquie,

    Great news re your family. It takes time for iron levels to go up. Mine has been lower than 4 plenty of times and I am allergic to the injections and can't take iron tablets as they have the opposite affect of making me more lethargic.

    Love your little stitching. Have a lovely weekend.

    Happy days.

  4. Good to read your family on all on the mend. Have a lovely relaxing weekend!
    Hope all goes well at the college.

  5. So glad your family is on the mend!
    Absolutely love your stitching, it looks fabulous ;)
    Have fun at the open day xox

  6. On dirais le printemps!!! une grille pleine de fraicheur!
    Doux week end

  7. So happy to hear good news with everyone.
    Love your stitching so pretty.

  8. As I enjoyed the good news from your family !!!
    Yet it Fe, Fe, Fe .......... let slowly and surely growing:-)
    Embroidery is so cute:-)

  9. So nice to know Your beloved parents are feeling ok. The stitched piece looks just fantastic I love colours and the pattern itself is very pretty. You did a good job with this!!! I hope You will feel better soon. With my best greetings ,Maija from Finland


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