Thursday, 16 October 2014

Never a dull moment here!

Hello friends..

Oh my!  Let me tell you about my day!! Goodness!!

Well just about to take Han to college this morning around 10 am and she rushed back into the house as she forgot something.  She went around to the back door and in through the kitchen...

I was waiting in the car thinking she would not be long... the next thing I knew Jon was shouting really loudly gesturing me to come into the house.  I came in and found Han on the kitchen floor in a heap and Jon had called an ambulance.  OMG!!  She was in agony... slipped and landed on her back.

Not sure if you all know but Han has a chronic back problem, since the age of around 7/8 she complained of sore hips and painful hips moving and missed a lot of activities at school due to it.  It was not until last December when we finally got to see a skeletal person to find out what was going on as the pain was getting worse.  Apparently the doctors thought it was her hips and to our shock it was actually her back that was failing her.  She has a degenerative condition in the lower part of her spine... the way they explained it was .. she is 19 and has the spine of a 90 year old.  And its just going to get worse.

So knowing all this I was thinking oh no what could she of done?  The ambulance came, got her off the floor with an amazing piece of equipment and made sure she took all of her medication.. yes she is on some strong stuff!!  They were happy nothing major was wrong and left.  Ok we thought.. take the meds and rest... let it heal.

Han is currently studying at college and well the course she is doing is a lot more physically demanding and she is having a real hard time.  But she really did not know her limits before starting this course so it was a trial and see kind of thing.

Well I took Han up the college as she was fretting over missing the course, and we really needed to speak to the Learner Support Disability team.  Luckily the lady we needed to talk to was in!  Han and I sat and chatted to her for over and hour explaining what difficulties she was having in the lesson and using all the various bits of sewing equipment.  And walking around college... you know normal things!  I was at one point quite shocked at what the lady said... that Han may have to come off the course if its not suitable.  

I hope I do not have a battle on my hands with this.  See when Han applied this year to the college they were and are aware of her back problem as she took paper work in.  Han really wants to do this course its just that she is not coping with the physical aspects of the course.  Han was really upset being told that... I have left it with the lady to look into as she needs to talk to Han's tutor and find out what needs to be done by the student for the end grade... and if there is anything the college can do.  Unfortunately as its a level 3 grade Han does not qualify for a Disable Student Allowance, this would of been amazing to have.  So we hope there is funding to help Han stay on the course?  Han does feel she is being treated unfairly as there is nothing in the whole textile department to aid disabled students.  We shall see what happens.  We left and hope she will be in touch Monday.

Then OH!! Got in the car.. Han could not even lift her leg up.. she tells me the pain is a different pain, a real hurting pain and the meds have done nothing.  I drive to the doctors surgery to get some advice as Han was crying in agony in the car at this point.  There were no doctors in the surgery at all!  The receptionist phoned a doctor that was out on call for advice.. we were told to go to A&E.... so that is where we went!

Sorry this is so long :(

In A&E.. oh yes have a photo!

Han in sitting in a wheelchair in A&E in pain..... luckily they did not make us wait long.

Basically they have said that they did not want to x-ray or scan her unless they really wanted to as she has had her fair share of radiation for a while... and would only do it if really necessary.  We were basically told by a really lovely lady that Han#s body needed a bit of time to try to recover.. take the medications on time, regular and come Monday if she is still in the amount of pain .. the hurting pain ... then we are to go back to A&E for further investigations.  We were both reassured and thought OK... we will give it time to heal.  And then went home!

OMG!! What a day!

Poor Han is now does up to the eye balls with pain relief, and well still in pain.  I hope she manages to get some sleep tonight?  One good thing I guess.. she does not have to get up early! ha ah She is looking forward to a lie in!

Well I planned for a lovely relaxing day stitching!  I went to the post office and posted Shirley's Round Robin Stitch... I was in a little shock at the price of the postage/shipping.  Its going to New Zealand and well anythign outside UK I always get tracking as I was caught out once and something went missing.. so now I track everything!  Ho hum!! Price to pay should of been expected.. just a little shock.  Never mind.  Any way I really hope Shirley likes what I made :)  I will post a photo once she has received it... they tell me no more than 5 working Thursday or latest Friday next week!?  We shall see...

I started a new project..

Its one I have been meaning to do for some time now...

Here is how it started...

The cute design is called Sweet Strawberry from Cosmic Hand Made.  I think it rather cute.

Here is where I am now....

I hope to do some more tonight.. and was planning for this Friday (tomorrow) Friday Night Sew-In to maybe start a new project... ha ha we shall see!

I love joining in on this... it still amazes me that everyone is stitching or making something the same time as me!  

If you would like to join in on the fun you can visit Wendy HERE and sign up :)

And then the best part is afterwards when everyone has posted what they got up too.... you can visit them all as Wendy has their links on her page :)  I love visiting others and weeing what they get up too :)

Hmmmm well I am sorry this post is full of writing.... Never a dull moment here!

Makes me think... what ever next!

Happy Stitching to you all..

Smiles :)



  1. ohhh blimey ... hope it eases soon ... if not straight back .... and get some tests done ... I am back at the hospital tomorrow with DD2 we found out recently that she had fractured her spine last well as having other problems with it too ..
    love the new start :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Omg Jacquie, what stress. You will need some rescue remedy and some R&R.Try to have a good wek end. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  3. Hope everything gets better soon and the pain comes down with the new medicine. Glad to know that you are stitching in such situation, that's the best way to cope with the stress.

  4. My dear I hope everything get betters soon
    Sending you big hugs xx

  5. Big hugs to you & yours sweetie!! What a panic!
    I hope Han feels better now, this is so scary...
    Love your new start but make sure you all take it easy this weekend xox

  6. Poor Hannah! Can I just mention the new EHCP (Education Health and Care Plans). They replace Statements of Special Educational Needs now and will cover young people in education up to the age of 25. Hannah can apply for one herself and maybe get some allowances made for her which will enable her to stay on the course.

  7. Jacquie, as a fellow daily pain sufferer, I must say, if there is no improvement today, get the x-rays done! If the pain is not decreasing, she could have some new damage, bad damage from that fall!! Poor Hannah.♥

  8. So sorry to hear about your daughter Han, I hope she will be feeling better after the weekend, and I do agree with Vicki, about going in a little sooner if the pain hasn't decreased by Saturday morning.

  9. Oh, I'm so sad Han-(
    Diseases are bad:-(
    Patience and will be better!
    I keep my fingers !!!

  10. Good luck to Han! You ladies had a real hectic day on your hands. One surprise after another! Wishing both of you all the best, strength and pain relief... Pain sucks.


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