Friday, 17 October 2014

FNSI Update and....... I seriously could not make this up.....

Tonight is Friday Night Sew-In... I would of loved to of stayed in all day and evening to stitch something awesome.. in fact I had planned to start a new amazing project..that will have to wait.

Although I did manage something.. yes I did stitch something today.... 

I will show you it, you will probably think is that all?!  Hmmm I will tell you about my day today then you will realize why!  And OMG! I seriously could not make this up!!

Here is my stitching today...

The smallest ever Christmas tree!!  I did not want to do something complicated... it kept me busy!

So do you want to hear about my day?  OMG!! I tell you this family is jinxed or maybe its just me... 

OK... well you know how my dad has just come out of hospital Tuesday evening.... 

Today we have spent most of the day and evening in A&E ! Got home at 11 pm. Thankfully now though he is in AMU (Acute Medical Unit) being watched and assessed.  

OH my!! Well dads breathing just got worse rather quickly... he could not even take a few steps without gasping for air.  His doctor sent him to A&E and that is pretty much were we stayed all day waiting for a bed int he hospital.  

At this point they are not sure what has gone wrong, or if it is something new?  But thankfully he is in the right place to get treatment.  

As I say at the top... I really could not make this up!  I really hope they do not release my dad this time until he is well.  Also my mum has now got over her cold so will be able to visit him... 

Yes so that is me on 'taxi' duty.... will have to take my mum up the hospital tomorrow.  But in the mean time I am watching Han... she is still in a lot of pain with her back and not taking her medication as it made her really ill last night.  Jon is being a darling.... he is limited to what he can do what with his spinal injury.  What a family we are!!

I think I need more energy and time!  Anyone got any spare please send it my way! 

And now...breathe and relax! 

Oh yes I dont think I showed you my finished Strawberry design....

Yes I loved stitching this.. finished in the early hours of this morning :)

I have a little box of finished designs I have done recently.. this has joined them as I have no idea how to finish it yet.  It will come to me I am sure!?

I hope you liked my little Christmas tree... like I say kept me busy... yes whilst in A&E!!   

Thank you all for popping in.... 

I am trying to stay happy and smiley :)

Dare I say.. I wonder what is in store for me next?  Surely I have had my share of stress?

Smiles to you all :) xx

OH MY!!!

Well I knew there was a reason for not taking my shoes off.... going back to A&E now (1. am) with Han as she has a heavy feeling and numbness in her arms and hands.... she tells me she keeps dropping things and has to think about holding things... this is not good...

Let you know later how we get on ..


  1. Oh dear, I hope that your Dad is okay - love your Strawberry stitching.

  2. Major prayers are being said for you and all your family. You've got to be exhausted. Take care of yourself please, you are the only one able to help in your family. Your stitching is so pretty, love the strawberry and the cute mini tree. Stitching for me helps make me calm and I know it does for you too. Hugs Annette

  3. Love and {hugs} to you all Jacqui. I hope all your family are soon feeling much better, please take care of you too. xxx

  4. Oh dear - please keep us posted - best wishes and cyber hugs coming your way.

  5. I sure hope you are all resting by now. I too am praying for all of you there.

  6. Hope things improve from now on. Your little tree is very cute. hugs.....

  7. Jacquie, there's a lot to you, I send you a hug strong energy !!!
    Embroidery certainly helping to dispel evil thoughts!
    Your strawberries and tree are so cute:-)

  8. Healing wishes for your Dad.
    Sweet Christmas tree.

  9. More stress!!! Big hugs to you and hope your family gets better soon xox

  10. oh my goodness Jacquie, I can't believe you even THOUGHT about FNSI let alone did some stitching!!! Love what you've done but wow......hope everything has settled for everyone deserve a break! xox sugary hugs and prayers!

  11. Oh Jacquie hope every one is on the mend ... Big hugs to you all xx Love your stitching - a great way to pass the time in A&E xx

  12. Oh my goodness!! Sending healing vibes and healing thoughts your way now <3


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