Sunday, 5 October 2014

Yo Ho me Hearties....

Hello friends or should I say 'me hearties!'....

Yes gone all pirate like on you all this evening! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

I signed up to Kim's Travelling Treasure Chest... and its got a marvelous pirate theme! 

Kim added a link for us all to get pirate names, its a fun idea so I popped along and grabbed me a name!

My pirate name is:

Joy "Fierce And Foul" Roach"The Captain of Phantom Island!"
This pirate be in charge of the ship, ye mutinous dogs!

Its brilliant!  And I am very excited at being able to participate in the Travelling Treasure Chest.

Found this and thought it rather apt....

Sorry but no stitching to share with you.  As I am working on a secret.... so secret that if I told you .... you would have to...

Hmmm maybe taken this pirate thing a bit too far?!  You think?! ha ha 

Ok... until tomorrow...


  1. HAHA! I got my pirate name...Mary "Dubloon Devil" Murphy "The Poison Claw of Dolphin Creek"
    Too funny!
    The Treasure Chest idea is really cute!!!


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