Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Plodding onwards...

OH My!!!

Do you like my sheep?  This delightful charming sheep and other wonderful things were sent to me in a happy package... 

A wonderful stitching friend Rachel over at Stitching with Summer blog.

Look at the wonderful 'happy' things Rachel sent me...

And a 'real' sheep too!!

I have placed it by my phone docking station so I can see it..

I think he needs a name... any suggestions?  Is it actually a he? What do you think? Its adorable!

I love all the lovely things you sent me, the buttons I will use!! I love the colours on them, and pretty ribbon too :)  I was thinking of doing a strawberry project and the ribbon will go perfectly!  Thank You ever so much for your kindness Rachel.

Oooh yes onto some stitching...

I took the plunge, started to stitch a biscornu (is that it?).  Facing my fears head on!  I chose a lovely free chart I found on the internet, thinking its not too complicated! hmmm

Well OMG!! I must of unpicked this design everywhere, seriously!  I had such a hard time counting this pattern, the corners the middle, nothing lined up.  I never gave up... I was not going to let this little design beat me!
I tried and well this is how far I am now...

Its on home made dyed aida again!! OMG dying is very addictive!  Its such a surprise to me watching the colours appear, I love it.

I am not sure what do do with the back of the biscornu.. do you know this is such an odd word.. I am pronouncing it bis-corn-ooo I bet its nothing like that! ha aha   I like how the little ladybirds have come out, they are cute.  

Now I am a little frightened of cutting the aida and stitching it together..

A few of you lovely people suggest that I use this back stitching method to sew things together when I cannot use the sewing machine.  GREAT IDEA!!!  Thank you!

I am to understand that I now have to stitch this on a corner to the middle of the other one...sounds so complicated.  Jon, bless him, found me some really simple instructions on the internet and I will have a go when I finish this post.  Watch my next post! ha ha 

Do you know what Friday is?

Yes that is right, its Friday Night Sew in...  I really like taking part in them as I still think it awesome that when I am 'creating' something there are loads of other people all over the world creating at the same time!  How awesome is that!! 
If you would like to join in.. you can sign up HERE.

Now I would just like to say to you all....


For your emails and kind well wishes for my dad.  I have some good news...

Yesterday he had an angiogram... apparently its where they put dye into his body and it goes around the heart to see if there are any blockages.  Thankfully they located a blockage.. the stent they put in in 2009 had blocked and had been causing all the bother.  They put balloons in to unblock it and then put in another stent.  My dad is much better now... sure he knows he has to take things easy and slow down now.  I  think it amazing what they can do, I am just happy all is well.  I picked him up at 3pm today and he is now at home with my mum, who is also feeling much better.

Me well I am seriously exhausted...

I did not put a post up yesterday as I was not at all feeling too good.  I went to the hospital and had to walk a long way around the hospital to different wards and well I almost passed out in a nice heap on the floor.... a nurse rescued me and sat me on a bed and I then turned into a blubbering wreck.  I think, no I know I am overdoing things.  But there is only me.. I told the nurse that is was due to my severe anemia and she said to ask my doctor for iron injections?  I have not heard of them so will be asking.

So now my dad is ok I will be taking it easy, I need to relax and not rush about so much... ha ha ha ha easier said than done!

Back to my stitching!

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Such a sweet parcel..
    I love the happy sheep
    Happy stitching dear xx

  2. Brilliant news about your dad. I am so pleased. You cannot make a biscornu on the sewing machine lol. You stitch around it in back stitch, one stitch per square and then you loop around these stitches on both peices. It is easy peasy. I will send you links to help you on fb xxxxxxxxxx Sheep are gorgeous..is Shaun (or shauna) too predictable?

  3. What lovely good news about your dad! And what a sweet parcel. Take care -

  4. Great biscornu! I pronounce it as you do too. Fascinating fact - Biscornu is French and if you put it into an online translater it comes out as "quirky" or "wonky".
    Glad your Dad is feeling better, and if you are going to be poorly yourself then a hospital is a good place to do it!

  5. I was pleased by the good news about the health of your parents!
    Biscorn I have never done, not to consult:-)
    The package is gorgeous:-)

  6. Lovely sheep, lovely presents, lovely stitching! Good luck with the biscornu. It's not as complicated as it seems - I remember freaking out about it, too, when I first started. But they are addictive, you finish one - you're going to want to do another.
    Glad to hear your father is doing better... and take care of yourself.

  7. So pleased you like your Happy sheep parcel. It's arrived at the right time for you to have a few smiles. Glad to hear dad is feeling better. Hugs xxx

  8. What a sweet package Jacquie! What about Sherman the Sheep?
    Hooray for your Dad and Mum.
    Now onto you! I am glad that nurse offered you advice. Look into that please!!

  9. So glad there's good health news for your parents. Now you can concentrate on YOU!!!
    I've never made a biscornu, but I would love to try! I know you'll figure it out! The shape is great!
    What a fun, sweet package you received--such goodies! And that fluffy sheep is too cute!
    Sheep names?? Lambchop, Lambkins, Mutton, Merino, Cashmere, Angora, Mohair.....sorta silly, but cute! (Only sheep words I know!!!)

  10. Glad to read your dad is on the mend :)
    Great parcel from Rachel! I have the exact same goodies... well except for the little sheep :)
    How about Shaun?? Like the TV program ;)
    Fabulous new start on the biscornu!! You are getting there and don't worry I'm sure you'll be fine with the assembly... it is the fun bit really as you see it coming together. There are plenty of great tutorial on YouTube!! xox

  11. Such good news dad is home and recovering.
    I pronounce biscornu just the same as you do - great green fabric, and such pretty ladybirds too.


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