Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Happy happy happy oh yes and happy...

Hello friends...

I am happy today, I made my biscornu!!  Yes I did!!

I have to say it has not been very easy... I chose an easy well what looked easy design to do for my first one just so I could understand how it all fits together.

The design was awful for me, looks simple but it took me forever to get it right.  I miss counted, stitched on the wrong lines and unpicked it loads of times.

Here is how it all started off..

I then cut it out.. even this I thought I messed up but after a little panic realized it was fine.

Stitching it together started off kind of ok.. finding the middle and believing I found the middle to start at was tricky as I kept doubting myself.

I started to stitch and could not decide which way round the stitches went!  I unpicked again, a few times.  After a while I got into the swing of it... the corners were a little tough as I had to twist my hand and tuck in the fabric and stitch it!!  But some hoe I managed :)

And look...

I am really thrilled.. over the moon as I has stressed over this for ages thinking I could not make it.  

Now I have made it I dont understand its purpose?  Jon says its like a pin cushion.. so do people make lots of these all different ones just like pin cushions?  

Oooh yes my amazing sheep has a name now...

This one...

I was looking at it and then the name popped in my head... Thank You everyone or all your happy name suggestions, I loved all of them :)

The name of my sheep is.....


But of course it would be!  Seriously it just sounds and feels right... :)

Ok off to do some stitching!

Smiles to you all :)



  1. The Biscornu looks wonderful. I love making them and have several and plans for more!

  2. Your biscornu is delightful!! Well done! And I love "Baa"….

  3. Good for you! I have never made one.

  4. I LOVE the biscornu! It looks wonderful!
    I don't know what they are for, either...but if I make one, I'll include a hanger and pop it on the tree!! The shape is so lovely.Good job!!
    BAA--perfect!!! too cute!

  5. Well done , your biscornu looks great, hugs.

  6. Your biscornu is lovely.Well done. They can be used as a pin cushion or purely decorative.Love BAA.Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  7. Congratulations! You made it perfectly !!!
    BAA is a great name! We say bää:-))

  8. Congratulations on finishing your first biscornu :)

  9. Your biscornu looks lovely. It looks perfect.

    Baa is a wonderful name for your cute sheep!

  10. YAY .... big round of applause, you did a great job, your biscornu looks wonderful Jacqui, well done. There are some Christmas free designs that make nice Christmas ornaments on the tree.
    They are usually used as a pincushion though and look really nice quite a few in a basket, they are often the subject of a seasonal exchange. Some ladies fill them with lavender or other nice smelly stuff, you can always use herbs and hang them in the kitchen...anything really, be imaginative.

  11. Congratulations! You have achieved something I have not, a biscornu! I love Julie's idea of stuffing it with lavender so it fragrances the room.


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