Monday, 20 October 2014

Oooh I love stitching....

Hello lovely friends...

Thank you for all your kindness you have shown with all your well wishes for my family. 

Its 2.15 am here! ha I know bad right!?  Well I was popping around some blogs and came across a lovely design I just HAD to stitch!!  Oooh yes.... I appologise now for not popping in on everyone, I will get around to you all soon I hope :)

Oooh yes this design...

Its called "Just A Little Autumn" designed by Sandra Dering from San-Man Originals.

I saw it on Mii's blog, a lovely Autumn design, Thank You for posting the link to it :)

I started it yesterday evening and I am happy to say its finished!  I had to change some of the colours as I did not have them.. I think it looks ok.  I stitched it on 14 count aida, cream I think...well its not white!

Here it is...

Not sure how I am going to finish it yet..

Talking of finishing, I have a little box with completed stitched designs I have done.. will post them all tomorrow.  I guess I should do something with them!?  You are all so very talented out there so no doubt you will have some amazing suggestions for me?!  Oooh yes and Frances I will probably make some into ornaments for my little tree I plan to start soon :) 

Ok so its almost 2.30 am and I am thinking I should really go to bed..

Smiles and happy stitching to you all :)



  1. Don't know how you do all the things you do and manage to stay up 'til 0230. The Autumn stitchery is lovely.Hope all the "issues" you have been dealing with are slowly working out all well for you. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  2. oooo very pretty ... and stitching keeps you sane doesn't it .... hope Han is feeling a wee bit better and don't wear yourself out being up sooo late .... love mouse xxxxx

  3. Lovely little design. As Mouse says, stitching is a good therapy when we are worried about things.
    Best wishes for good news for dad and Hannah today and also I hope you are feeling much better. x

  4. What a lovely design. The colours look great. X

  5. Yes, I saw that! It is sweet.
    I hope things go very smoothly and well today with Hannah and your father.

  6. Cute little fat birdie! I've seen that one and want to stitch it, too!
    Ornaments--music to my ears!! LOL You'll think of the perfect finish for each, I'm sure! At one time I had something like 26 in a stack, waiting to be finished. I just sat down and got them done! It was fun to get some many at one time!
    Hope everyone is on the mend!

  7. Your stitching is great, do go to bed at a proper hour. You need your rest too. hugs Lynda Ruth
    If that chart keeps going everyone will be doing it or have done it.

  8. Wow, so long embroider!
    Pay attention to your health !!!
    Embroidery is a great, wonderful colors:-)

  9. What a sweet pattern! Please take care of yourself -

  10. Wow, I can't stitch at night, this look so cute, and Tree Ornaments sound like a great idea.

  11. Wow, smoking needles! I saw this cute design on Mii's blog too. I think you should have a seasonal tree for all your ornies.

  12. Such a lovely design, I love birdies! How about finishing it as an ornament? The size looks just right for it...

  13. That's such a lovely little freebie. I had also seen it on Ingrid's blog and was so glad that she also shared the link. I think I have to stitch it too.

  14. You are mad staying up so late!!! But I don't blame you after all the troubles you are going through at the moment. I do hope you are all being looked after :)
    Well, I had to thank Lynda Ruth for providing the link... I just loved it on her blog, and like you, couldn't resist and had to stitch it!
    Love your version, the colours are all perfect xox


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