Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Hello, firstly where is this month going?  I really think that this year is passing much quicker than before... 

And... HELLO to my new followers :)  I am happy you have joined in on the merriment and feel free to leave a comment when you like :)

Monday I did not put a post up as I was feeling really really worn out.  I had an appointment with a neurologist and had to do some tests... visual tests and memory tests and well I think it was too much.  When I got home I just could not stay awake!  

I have to go back next Monday for more tests and then hopefully they may have a reason to what is going on with me?  I hope so... 

Tuesday I have been stitching all day... I cannot show you what as its a gift!  Oooh my and I just realized I forgot to take a photo!  Hmmm maybe when the person gets it they will post a photo?

Ooh yes but I do have something to show you all!!  I have been experimenting with dyeing again, as its so much fun!  I found an amazing herbal tea, I love to drink it.  I love the colour it turns the water in my cup so I thought OK try dying with it!

Ha ha so that is what I did! 

Yes Twinings Strawberry and Mango tea makes this wonderful colour!  I love it!  

Oh yes something arrived in the post too!  The packet from Shirley, my Round Robin partner :)  I could not wait to see what she stitched for me.


Its all so pretty, ...

Look!... sheep!!!

Close up...

And WOW!!
Look at this wonderful fabric... its sheep!!! 
I can hardly believe it, I love it!!
And silk threads, a new thing for me to try :)

Thank You, Thank You Shirley, I love it all!!! :)  Taking part in the Round Robin has been a lot of fun... only a few more people left, I will be sad when it ends.

I cannot really show you anything I am stitching or working on at the moment as they are gifts and must be kept secret until they have been received... you will see them soon :)

I hope your all ok and happy stitching and smiling?



  1. Hey Jaquie,
    La coloration de ta toile est génial,super bonne idée!
    Et le tissus au moutons a du te combler,tu aimes bien les moutons n'est ce pas!
    Bises et douce semaine a toi

  2. Love the colour of the tea dyeing!! Especially the piece on the bottom left hand side, it has some kind of marbling effect on it :) Wonder what you will stitch on these??
    Great RR, the cute little sheep look fab and the fabric most unusual... perfect for a sheep lover :)

  3. Lovely for you to get such a beautiful gift! Your tea dying looks so good. Now I am inspired to try it!

  4. ooOoo! You know I admire the wonderful color your fabric has turned!!
    What a great gift from Shirley. Precious,precious, little sheep.

  5. Love your tea dyeing , that must have been fun .
    Beautiful R/R from Shirley.

  6. A great RR parcel fro Shirley.

  7. Gorgeous colour and a fantastic parcel. Just perfect

  8. Jacquie, your imagination !!! Coloring tea is awesome:-)
    You have a beautiful gift, sheep have succeeded!

  9. super sweet parcel and lovely color..looking so sweet..
    big hugs x

  10. Wow--so sorry you are still dealing with not feeling well. I really hope the tests will figure out what's going on!
    Your "dye job" turned out great! Such fun!
    I love your "sheep" gift! Sweet stitching and fabulous sheep fabric! That is just too cute! And really perfect for a sheep lover like you!
    Enjoy your stitching--you will have a giant stack of stuff to finish!! More fun!

  11. Hope they can find out what is causing you to not feel well. Take care - and what lovely gifts! Love the sheep!! And the mango tea - how creative!

  12. The best thing about using fruit tea for dyeing is the smell when you stitch on it! It's gorgeous. I will definitely be trying some of that tea myself.
    Lovely RR square too and a great gift with it.

  13. That tea certainly makes a really pretty pink colour. Love it!

  14. Lovely job on dying your linen. Looks beautiful!!! Wonderful and pretty gifts!
    Hope your results are all good! Prayers for you - love Annette


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