Sunday, 30 November 2014

Back to stitching...

Hello friends...

Now rested after my epic night out with Han seeing James Blunt :)  A different story for Han though... even though we had seats in the venue Han has really suffered with her back, she has literally been in bed since coming back.  I hope with the rest she is having she feels a little better soon.

I have been stitching...

One of the designs from the Travelling Treasure Chest as I just could not wait... it was calling me to stitch it!

On the design its blue... yes its lovely in blue but does not match anything I have.  So I changed the colour.. OMG!! Who would of thought it would of been so hard?!  The design only calls for 3 colours and well I found it really difficult to 'find' 3 in my stash!  

First I tried the DMC colours I had...

could not make my mind up..even with help from my facebook stitching friends!

So then got the Anchor colours out I had... 
Settled on these but then as I stitched realized that the darker colour was not dark enough... so guess what... I changed it! lol

Here is what I have done...

I think I am much happier with my colour choices now.

Its this design.. a little closer so you can see..

I will post more as I go :)

Oh yes...

Remember this lovely design I found in one of my magazines..

I really love it... but for now its on hold.  I looked at my threads and well I have too many missing to stitch it.. so I tried to change the colours...  OMG!! This is so much harder than you think.

So for now... I am lets say ...thinking about it! lol

Do you know what?

Its the 1st December tomorrow... shocking!!
I am so organized... NOT!! 
I have no presents sorted, oh our tree.... yes we have a tree, its rather unique this year.. will post a photo soon :)

I hope your all well...

Oooh I must tell you all about something..

I have been popping over to see Jenny Elefantz blog... ooooh let me tell you if you have not been over there YOU are in for a treat!
There is lots going on... some really wonderful designs created by Jenny and ooooh some free gifts too!

They are so pretty, I thought I would share them all with you ... see what you think?

Off to stitch more...



  1. That design is looking to cute in pink. 😄

  2. That Traveling Treasure chest was full of some wonderful charts. Love the one you chose. Where is it going now?

  3. ooooo glad you had a fab time .. and sorry about han's back ... always the same you have fun and then pay ... and hooo love the pink version and send me a list of the colours you are missing ... may have them here in my stash pile ....DH say's I have to cut down and Happyyyy 1st December :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. Your pink version is growing nicely.

  5. Hi Jacquie, I came to visit your blog from the link at the Stitcher's Garden--glad you joined us there!

    I really like your start on the Welcome piece, and I love the Stitcher's Verse sampler that you want to stitch. If you would send me a list of the floss that you need to stitch it, I would love to send them to you!

  6. The pinks look great. Not ready for Christmas either. Hope your DD is feeling better.

  7. Great new start, love your fabric choice :)

  8. Love the pinks and the fabric you chose. So glad you liked Jenny's site - best wishes Han recovers soon.

  9. No, no, go back to blue (biased maaaybe)! :D It is looking fabulous in pink though and I love the stitchy quote. I think a crown upon my head would just fall off as I'm stitching so I'll just do it now. ;)


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