Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saturday 22 nd February 2014.....

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Saturday!! Goodness its the weekend!! :)

I have had a lovely relaxing day, doing what you ask??? What else but stitching!!! ha hah ha

I have stopped to eat so I did as promised take a photo.  But the down side to that... been really busy stitching and not doing an awful lot else!  So I have only had 1 meal today!  But I am not hungry so it filled me up! ha h a

Ok starting with what I ate today... Ooooh before I do I must tell you all about something amazing I do... I am a BzzAgent.  Oh no not a spy!!  BzzAgents get to test products and give their own opinion on them.. I love it.  I have tried and tested quite a few products now.  The latest thing that I am testing for Bzz is McCain Ready Baked Potato's. 

Here is what I ate today... 

Jacket potato with a little grated cheese and a tonne of coleslaw!  I seem to be loving the whole coleslaw 'thing' at the minute...

I must tell you about these Jacket potato's .... for something that is done in the microwave they are AMAZING!!  I mean 5 minutes and ping!!  The look great seeing as they were frozen!  And let me tell you they taste and smell AWESOME!  I am really loving eating them.

If you have not tried them.... DO!! 

So stitching wise what have I been up to?? Well after my jaunt about the internet yesterday seeing all the amazing designers work out there... I found a free chart on Lizzie Kate's web site... you too can have a look HERE.

Here is is... my first ever Lizzie Kate... 

I loved stitching this and thought I would make it into a pin cushion as I may start collecting all different ones!  :)  And another thing.... this is the first pin cushion I have ever made for myself...  I usually give all the things I make away.

I just have to say I am LOVING stitching at the moment, I seem to be doing a lot of it right now, but that is fine its keeping me busy :)

I now have to decide what to do, I mean I did say I would try to finish my Game board sampler...hmmm side tracked!! Yes that actually happens a lot with me!   

Thinking ....

Well onto a subject I am not doing very well in... sleeping :(  Well I seems to be having real trouble actually going to sleep, then staying asleep.  I recently went without sleeping for 52 hours then slept for 4 hours and then wide awake again.  I seem to have no pattern at the moment, just cannot get into one.  I have tried listening to my breathing, counting sheep, hot milky drink, soft music, back ground noise.... anything else to try?? 

Do you have a suggestions that may send me off to the land of nod?? I would be most grateful.  One good thing is that I am getting a lot of stitching time in!!

I think its all the random things I have floating around my head, when it comes to sleeping my brain just cannot switch off.  I guess I need to find a way to 'switch' off....

I am still smiling... 

Happy and smiling :)

(Borrowed from Google Images)


  1. Love your latest finish! LK is one of my favourite designer and I also recognize the beautiful trim you used! I've used it too for my pinkeep finish!
    Sleep wise, I always read in bed.... until my Kindle hit me on the forehead :D

  2. Thank you Mii, LK is addictive as its just so pretty. Yes I saw your pinkeep, it was beautiful. I found a small piece of this trim in Hobby Craft, I thought the colors were very pretty, think I may look for more :) Reading in bed... I try not to do that as like you my iPad tends to hit my face if its positioned badly.... I hope it sorts its self out and I resume a healthy sleeping pattern soon. Thanks again for popping in :)

  3. A beautiful finish. I saw those spuds at the supermarket checkout, the lady in front of me had some.
    For me, I always go to bed and get up at the same time each day, a routine for the body and mind. I have a nice warm drink, the same bedtime routine and then half an hour reading a good book - a proper book, (not ipad or kindle due to the light in it which apparently activates the melatonin in your brain to think its daylight, so wakes you up instead .... so I read in a magazine).

  4. Julie, thank you for popping by and do you know I had not thought about that with my iPad... but makes perfect sense! hmmm no iPad at bed time!! Yes I think I will take a cross stitching magazine with me now :) thank you


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