Monday, 3 February 2014

Monday 3 rd February 2014....

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Its Monday and GOSH!! All I seemed to of done today is rush about :(  I needed to go to Hobby Craft first thing as I am doing a little re-vamp of some little craft drawers... will post photos when finished :)  Then my daughter decided she actually wanted to go into college today.... so the plan was Hobby Craft the garden center for a nibble, then at least we both had something to eat.  I was not sure how long Han was going to stay in college today... I was to expect a phone call when she had had enough!  Well it is her free time as Mondays are not a scheduled college day.  

After we had a spot to eat (photo posted below) I then dropped Han off at college then I rushed off to the shops for a top up shop.  Oh you know essentials... loo cleaner!  Coffee!  Loo roll! and a few other bits.  Do you know I have no idea how long I actually spend in the shops... it flies... got home and unpacked shopping.  Made Jon some lunch and then attempted to start the re-vamp of my drawers.  I got so engrossed in that too the time seemed to of flown by.... but on a good note, I am loving the new transformation of my craft drawers :)  Then... the phone call came in...can you pick me up!! ha hah a oh well on the move again!!

So what have I eaten today... A good question!

Breakfast... hmmm not sure what is happening here... I need to try a bit harder :(

Lunch... At the garden center!  How very lovely indeed!  I decided to have vegetable soup with a bit of fresh granary bread.

It was actually very nice... when I first tasted it it tasted strange, could not put my finger on the taste.  Han tried it (shocking as she does not eat soup!) she said it tasted sweet.  Funny really as I used to have such a sweet tooth and loved sweet things.  After eating a few more spoonfuls I kind of liked the taste, I put it down to them adding sweet potatoes... they tend to turn everything sweet.  Another thing... why is that when I buy soup in restaurants and cafes I cannot replicate them?  I mean I love them, have bought many a delicious soup... why cannot I not make them the same?? hmmmm need more thought on this I think!

Dinner.... Spicy vegetable rice mmm

well I have also been naughty too.. no joke!  I have been very naughty :(

I have not been the pool today... I cannot believe it, I love the pool but today I just could not fit it in :(  Tomorrow will be another tight day as I am in college with maths.  I will try to go in the evening, I will have to see how tired I am, or sore...  Maths... hmmm well I played hooky last week.. It was a tough week for me and I just could not even do maths, I mean all that concentration and learning.... Ok so this week I hopefully have a better learning head on?!  We shall see...

Some of you may of noticed my new 'badge' on my blog?  The square on the right with the hands open and a red heart inside... Random Acts of Kindness...  A kind friend is a member of this group and I took a look... its an amazing idea and concept.  I dont actually know any stitching people outside the internet.  I dont actually know any one... I grew up abroad and have traveled around a lot so I have not found friends easily.  Its not for the lack of trying..I am a happy friendly person and would love some friends.  Its a very lonely quiet life not sharing it with friends.  And through my love of cross stitch I have found the most amazing community... the most loveliest of people too.  I am so pleased I cross stitch :)  So 'hello' to all my new cross stitch friends :)

Talking of cross stitch... hmmm I was going to stitch more of my sampler today... life!! And the fact that I am so easily side tracked :(  I will post another photo when I do more.... soon I hope!

Remember to keep smiling... just like me! :)

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